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Nothing says business travel like doing... exactly the same damn thing you'd be doing at home.

(From Two Lumps! Click on the thumbnail for full sized Meer!)

So I'm in Waltham, Massachusetts. Which is all right, if cold. And... so far I've seen an offramp and a bunch of concrete buildings. But I'm told there are good restaurants and bars not far from me, so tomorrow after the conference I'll have to avail myself of them. Or maybe drive into the city. Or, you know, something.

This particular Two Lumps appeals to me, because I've heard this aria before. Especially at my parents' house. See, Sarah figured out early that if she makes a total nuisance of herself right when my mother gets up, she'll get a little bit of canned tuna or canned salmon for her trouble. It's astounding how much of a nuisance she can make, now. "Meer meer meer meer meer!"

Back at the apartment, she sings on occasion, but she's got me so well trained she doesn't have to sing much. On the other hand, if I'm under a blanket on the couch, she'll walk along the back of the couch, lean down, stretch a paw down with one nail extended, and poke whatever exposed skin she can find, until I lift the blanket so she can crawl under.

It used to be cute, and then she started waking me the Hell up. Bitch.

Meer meer meer meer....


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Oh dear GOD!!! I love it! This is like my favorite poem EVER! GAH! I EXPLODE!!@13wfwffbdfbdtbfbc

You're in Waltham? That's about 15 minutes from me. In fact, my local comics shop is in Waltham. If you like pulled pork sandwiches, you should stop in at Watch City.

That's two -- count them, two -- people who've had star systems named after them within twenty minutes of where I am. And I'm within two hours of where I live.

Clearly, we need to identify others and go bowling some night.

I'd be up for it, so long as it's not before the end of the year. I should warn you that we've mostly just got weird candle pin bowling around here though. Which is actually pretty fun, but strange if it's not what you're used to.

Hey, I'm from Maine. I know from Candlepin Bowling. It used to be on television every Saturday.


Candlepin bowling.

On TV.

Yeah, we're trendsetters.

That's awesome. In that way that only the lamest things in the world can be awesome.

Actually, my Mom still likes to make fun of me because my favorite TV show when I was little was "Bowling for Dollars."

I'm from NY originally, and had never seen candle pin bowling until I moved up to Boston three years ago. My wife and I decided to go bowling one night, and were completely confused when we realized that our bowling balls weren't going to fit in the ball return. Then we had to make the guy at the counter teach us how to play.

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