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Notes from Panera Bread on a day of writing. Also -- art!

(From Girls with Slingshots. Click on the thumbnail for full sized bitch!)

I'm ensconced at Panera in Portsmouth, writing and enjoying the twin decadence of free Wifi and free refills on coffee. I'm running behind on Nanowrimo (hey, you snark the stuff I snarked from midweek on and try to have time or energy for writing fiction, too), so I needed to get myself away from the Tivo and City of Heroes and other distractions and just let myself bury into fiction. It's working well so far.

I wanted, however, to mention Girls with Slingshots. I got this off a link from Eat the Roses, and discovered that this new strip (from veteran webcartoonist Danielle Corsetto) was new enough that I could literally get in on the ground floor, with very little work on my part.

Corsetto's got over a hundred strips done in her previous efforts -- done during her college years and all available for your perusal at her website. I can't speak good or ill of any of these other strips, because I really am behind in writing Trigger Man, so I really don't have time to surf large archives. Besides, the backlog is huge right now and requires my attention in some semblance of order, so the older strips will just have to go onto the list and wait.

But this one is just thirteen strips long right now. It doesn't take long to read the whole thing. And you can tell Corsetto's learned a thing or nine about art, writing and pacing. It looks to be a slice of life so far, which can be great fun. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

So, here's a nice little droplet of snark for you -- a strip most of you probably haven't seen yet, that you can get into right now without too much trouble. Consider it a gift -- and five years from now, when Corsetto is angling towards wrapping Girls with Slingshots up, you can put on airs in her forums or LJ community or wherever that you were there at the start, you started at strip thirteen, and these Johnny come Latelys don't know from Danielle Corsetto.

And really, isn't that what we all want out of our Internet lives?


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Hah! You newcomers always want to pretend you're old school. I've been reading since strip 11! Represent. :-)

Otherwise, yeah, you're pretty much right.


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