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Invoking Murphy is just never a good idea.

(From Lost and Found Investigations. Click on the thumbnail for full sized comic -- what could possibly go wrong?)

It is a beautiful vacation day in Maine. The sun is shining, my parents have triumphal classical music playing on the surround sound system, just because... well, because they're cool parents. I'm mellow on the couch, with tea and flavored water and Trigger Man and online comics. Life's pretty okay today.

I've also been making the painful transfer from Safari to Firefox. Including the transfer of all the damn Safari Tabs for the trawls. Fortunately, I found a tool that facilitated it, but it's still a mess. And Safari is still going to be used to actually write Websnark... in part because, well, the Firefox implementation of the Moveable Type implementation page just plain sucks.

But then, I believe in using the best tool for the best job. Safari, for all its underbody speed, doesn't display as quickly in a practical sense as Firefox, it's oddly broken in places, and it goes to infinite pinwheel all too often for my tastes. So, it's time to move my browsing to a different tool. This, i have now done.

Which brings us to today's Lost and Found Investigations. Now, one of the things I like about this strip is the explicit "Beth and Frank will never get together, because when they do that's the ballgame" policy Milligan has. We have to flirt with them getting together, because otherwise there's no tension -- but it can't actually get there.

Well, over the past few strips, Beth's been attacking the problem head on, and Frank played the "enemies will strike at me through you card." Leading to today.

And... you know it's a clichÈ. I know it's a clichÈ. It's specifically asking Murphy to do her worst. (Yes, I know that the Murphy of Murphy's Law was male. However, my friend Chris came up with the personification of the law being a goddess named Murphy, and that's worked its way into my Imperial Space Fiction -- because who're spacers and soldiers on the epic scale going to take in vain if not the principle of things going all fucked up almost on cue? And if they're going to do that, why wouldn't they make that principle female? We're a sexist race in general, after all. I mean, if E.E. "Doc" Smith's space heroes could swear by Klono's assorted body parts, why can't mine invoke a cute mischievous Goddess of Universal Troublemaking. But my God I've strayed from the topic.) It's saying "please kick me." And naturally in the next panel Milligan does.

But clichÈ or not, it works. I'm grinning. It's the perfect juxtaposition of Beth's cheerfully dubious face and Beth tied up while Frank bleeds on the floor. And you have to admit, it builds interest in where the story goes from here.

So, nicely done.

(Also, the introduction of a Cast Page... er... several months back... made life much easier for we the Milligan fans.)


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So, just on a lark, I've gone through the entire Lost And Found archive today. (Much easier with a MWFSu strip than a 7-day strip...) And... man, I wish I'd started reading earlier. Thanks for pointing this out, Eric.

(Incidentally, this makes the third strip you've mentioned here that I've added to my permanent trawl as a direct result of you mentioning them. The other two, if you're curious, were Count Your Sheep, which is adorable, and Questionable Content, which is so good - in my opinion - that I save it for last every day, even though I read everything else in alphabetical order.)

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