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I wonder...

...if I should recruit some guest snarkers?

I mean, at least for November. To keep the output up while I write stories about far distant futures where people... well, talk to each other while drinking beverages for hours upon hours.


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If you were to accept guest snarks, what would you be looking for in a guest snark?

Adding staff is typically the next step in growing any kind of news/commentary site. Are you really ready to take that step?

So... you're writing Heinlein?

And hey, the answer is obvious. Make Websnark a pay site, then quit your day job! Then you'll have time for both! Of course, some might find a downside to this idea, but they're just naysayers.

I think it would be a great idea for guest content. With some known criteria, I'd like to submit a review of homestarrunner.com. -Aaron

Definitely an idea, and one I'd like to participate in. (Obviously, you'd need to stipulate that webcomic creators/publishers can't snark their own stuff. }:-{D )

I wonder, incidentally, if volunteer snarkers should be restricted from snarking comics they already read regularly? On the one hand, it's good to get people to try new things... but on the other, it's tough to get people to write about stuff they don't care about. For example, I've hated Kochalka's stuff since I worked at Antarctic Press; I'd be a crappy snarker on any American Elf strip.

Also, you'd need guest snarkers who are capable of popping the hood of a comic and saying, "See, the interpersonal disconnect between characters is failing to not connect, thereby reducing the humor torque and leading to reduced performance. And you've been paradigm shifting with a worn clutch, wow, looks like you need a major overhaul. We might even be looking at a retcon."

It's not enough to say, "X roxz/suxz."

You would also have to address the divisive question of whether or not to authorize guest snarkers to perform the vital task of biscuit distribution.

I dunno, I think that'd actually be pretty cool, at least as a, y'know, stopgap type thing if you're ever off on a vacation or whatnot. Presumably, though, you'd want to keep veto powers, since it'd be weird if guests started doing things that didn't really fit the feel/tone. (Not that they'd have to necessarily rip-off your style or anything, but I admit, it'd be a little jarring to come to WebSnark and see "OMG SORE THUMXS ROLS BECAUSE SHE HAS TEH B00BS!111 RLTOLFOLO".)

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