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I have rather the opposite disorder, I'm afraid.

(From Something Positive. Click on the thumbnail for full sized giving back to the community, bitch!)

Black comedy is one of my personal joys. For those of you who didn't get the memo, black comedy doesn't refer to comedy by people of African descent (for my opinions on that, you have to be more specific. The continuum ranges from my absurd love of Richard Pryor and Chris Rock, down to the abject contempt I hold all but two Wayans family members in), but, as Webster's says: in literature and drama, combining the morbid and grotesque with humor and farce to give a disturbing effect and convey the absurdity and cruelty of life. It's hard to do well. Which is why Something Positive so often warms the cockles of my flabby, distended heart.

This particular strip is the start of a new plotline for Something Positive -- there've been two strips following it, but I've been largely A) busy and B) asleep the last couple of days (I got home after work and then woke up this morning. It was that kind of a day). Still, I like this way too much not to throw it up here.

Eat a Fucking Sandwich, You Walking Pile of Twigs Patrol alone would get me laughing. I deeply enjoy Aubrey and Peejee inflicting violence and abuse on others.

However, the next several strips elaborate on this theme, as the pro-ano community -- that's right, there is an active community of people who support an eating disorder that causes people to starve themselves literally to death because they have such a distorted body image that they can't believe they aren't fat when they're a skeleton. A group that actually does seek to fight negative portrayals of the "anorexic lifestyle" -- gets the television show shut down. And we seem to be gearing up to Aubrey planning how to decimate those people who love the wasted-away look so much.

Hysterical. Because it's hideous, and because it's willing to point at this movement and say you people are fucking sick! You're enabling a horrible suicide and affirming a twisted self-image among people who need medicine and help and calories.

Milholland will get hate mail from people who think he's attacking anorexia-sufferers. He'll get hate mail from people who're into anorexia. He'll get hate mail from people who just don't find this funny. In this case, that hate mail means he's doing it right. Because when we live in a world where anorexia sufferers can be given a positive feedback support group and "anti-anorexia" could ever be considered a bad thing... the only thing we can do is highlight the absurdity and use it to point out the cruelty underneath.

Milholland gets a biscuit. A tasty, tasty biscuit.

Now eat it and shut up, bitch.


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It made me so very happy when I saw that he was doing this. I normally can't really be described as giving a damn about people, but pro-ana movements fill me with a rage so violent it passes straight through 'worked up' and back into disgusted calm. I'm really glad someone is talking shit.

If no one else has, I should go put a link to this on some of the LJ pro-ana communities ...

Aww. The main communities are locked membership. I am sad.

I'm sure the hate mail from anorexics, if any, will be massively outweighed (so to speak) by the fan mail from chubby people.

Crazy like a fox, that guy.

R.K. has definately gotta big ol' shiny brass pair on him to be throwing strips out like this. But then, his first strip made an implied crack about home abortion.

I still can't believe that there are groups like that.... What do you think they talk about?(aside from the obvious)

24 -- you wouldn't believe it.

You would not believe it.

I have to scour my brain with a brillo pad, having read one of those LJ Communities. It featured a person who posted, apologizing for not being on recently, because her parents had committed her to an anorexia recovery clinic, and she had to work with a therapist, but now she was out and would hide it better, so she was ready to get back to work! Oh, and her rotten family had thrown out all the scales so she wouldn't have a weight to give until her next trip to the doctor. But she was back to not eating!

Another girl was heartbroken because she "binged," and the next day had to buy Size 1 jeans, because she no longer fit in Size 0.

I wish with all my heart I was making this up.

... my god....

So, they're just self help groups for how to destroy your body...

I can't help but wonder, what else is out there. Groups that support child abuse/molestation? ...it's really sad, but everything else I could think of, I knew of actual related sites(cursed pop-ups).

I think I'll just go eat some icy squares and stop thinking about this stuff.

what else is out there. Groups that support child abuse/molestation?

Terrifyingly enough, yes. Something Awful has linked to the occasional kiddy-fetish forum as an ALOD or weekend-web post, but I'm sure there are less ... accessible communities which are even more horrific.

Groups that support child abuse/molestation?

NAMBLA (National Man Boy Love Association) is a rather famous group that supports child molestation. Of course, they predate the internet by years.

There are so many screwed up people in this world. The internet just helps them congregate.


I s'pose porn is kind of a gimme.. I was meaning more of a beating the shit out of your kids and hanging out with other people who do the same.

Sadly, NAMBLA isn't just a porn thing -- it's an organized group supporing child molestation as a positive lifestyle that should be legalized -- to them, it's a civil rights issue. Here's the quote from the entry page to their web site:

"Freedom is indivisible. The liberation of children, women, boy-lovers, and homosexuals in general, can occur only as complementary facets of the same dream. -- David Thorstad"

NAMBLA is, in fact, the sum total of the worst face that the radical right tries to put on the gay rights movement.

The great thing about the Internet is that it allows widely dispersed enthusiasts of various niche activities to find each other. Webcomic readers, language designers, interactive fiction fans, etc. all have their places online where they can hang out, support each other, and remind themselves that they're not alone in their passions.

The terrible thing about the Internet is that it allows widely dispersed enthusiasts of various niche activities to find each other. Pederasts, anorexics, white supremacists, etc. all have their places online where they can hang out, support each other, and remind themselves that they're not alone in their passions.

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