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Hey, if I'd tongue kissed Bruce McCullough on multiple occasions as part of my job, I'd drink heavily too.

(From Real Life Comics. Click on the thumbnail for full sized bubbles!)

Let me say right out the gate I liked this strip a lot. I'm a big Celebrity Poker Showdown fan anyway. I like the professional Texas Holdem stuff on TV, but I love Celebrity Poker Showdown. It's not so much for the celebrities -- I mean, to be honest, I'm never sure who half of them even are -- as it is for the fact that at least half these people don't know anything more about poker than I do. I kind of wish Phil Gordon's infamous pamphlet, given to the celebrities before the tournament begins, would be released online or something, so I could read it and become at least as good as some of the mouthbreathers they have sitting around the felt on that show.

The other thing to remember, however, is that it all takes place in Las Vegas, and everyone at the table is drinking. The cute girls in gold lame pass through giving them drinks as they play, and you know Phil and host Dave Foley are enjoying a few rounds.

Well... the show is edited to be two hours long... but at least once we know they cut a lot out to make it two hours. (Phil and Dave and the celebrities all made jokes about the half of forever that particular round of poker had taken.) And Dave...


Look, the drinks are free.

Anyway, Greg Dean nailed it here. I'm of mixed emotions on the bubbles popping over Dave's head -- on the one hand, I'm a big fan of non-anime iconography. (I'm a little sick of Mangaesque iconography these days, I admit freely). I like the bubbles, I like trailing hearts over heads. I even like the old Dagwood Bumstead exclamation point indicating "shock and surprise at the punchline." (It makes me feel that all of Metal Gear Solid takes place in the same universe where Dagwood works for a defense contractor.) But that's incredibly picky. This is just a well executed strip.

Also, Dave Foley is funny when he's drunk.


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You didn't mention the other hand.

If I had to tongue kiss Bruce McCullough as part of my day job, I'd stay sober forever.

I'd rather tongue kiss Scott Thompson, but that'd be Unlikely.

Saw the relevant episode while in the US, though. I think that would definitely make me drink.

It's Real Life... his other hand is obviously in his pocket. ;)

...Am I the only one who was wondering why the chip counts don't add up to 50K?

Perhaps I just haven't watched *enough* CPS, but that sort of seemed to be a general rule for the games.

Phil Gordon did recently release a book on poker. It's a tall, narrow book in hardcover. Saw it at Borders a couple months ago.

it's not the same as that thin little pamphlet, but I imagine it covers all of that, too.

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