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God, I love Twisp and Catsby

(From Penny Arcade. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Birdsea!)

I've absolutely loved Twisp and Catsby since their first appearance. I love the distinctive artwork. I love the surrealism. I love the world and almost Hitherby Dragonsesque nature of their adventures. And then there was today's.

The faux antiqued "paper" of the strip, the writing... Ominous!... and the idea that there is a secret to be found from the Turkey's mouth... it's all just fantastic. Maybe there's a pack of P-A fans who loathe anything that has nothing to do with video games, but I for one just fucking love Twisp and Catsby, and I don't care who knows it, and this was a wonderful thing to see in the Safari Tabs today.

Gabe and Tycho collectively get a biscuit. An ominous, tasty biscuit.



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Of course, the story behind Twisp and Catsby is that they started off as a one-off joke that everybody was supposed to hate, and instead the fans loved it. They've become the de facto mascots of the forum-goers, and I for one couldn't be happier. I love this one, especially!

I feel obligated to provide a pointer to "Twisp and Catsby: the RPG not for critics" (http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=117277).

Oddly enough, that first Twisp and Catsby is pretty much the only P-A strip my wife and I have ever read. But "Ham" immediately became a running gag for us.

Didn't you read the original Twisp & Catsby, Eric?

You can't comment on them cause they're not for you. :)

I wonder if this means you have to pay a fine, now. . .

In other news, happy thanksgiving.

You misunderstand.

I'm not allowed to criticize Twisp and Catsby. It's not for me. I'm free to say nice things about them, though.

Eh...I'm not a big fan of Twisp and Catsby. While I do enjoy the art and character designs, I think there's a point where something can be TOO nonsensical, and goes beyond "funny because it came out nowhere" landing clearly in "stupid because it's too random" territory. The dialogue, while somewhat intriguing is just...random. It almost seems like there's no thought put into it at all.

In any case, however, I'll take T&C over more cardboard tube jokes ANY day. Boy was THAT a dumb running gag. And please, PLEASE no more cardboard tube samurai strips, guys. Really. They're not very good.

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