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Dogpile on Greg Dean!

Over on Comixpedia, they've posted one of their regular "pose questions to a Webcartoonist" calls, this time for Greg Dean, who writes the widely read Real Life Comics. They've cleverly hidden this open call in an article called Call for Questions for Greg Dean of Real Life.

In the week since the call got posted, they've had exactly two questions for Dean posted. And I wrote both of them. I assume this means that Greg Dean's audience isn't Comixpedia's audience. Well, I don't know if they're Websnark's audience or not, but on the off chance they are, schlep on over there and ask some questions, already! This is a long running strip with distinctive art. It's sometimes inconsistent -- long time readers of Websnark will know they spent a good amount of time on the "Why do I read this webcomic, again" list, but they also pulled off that list -- but it's always beautifully drawn and often hits the truly excellent stage. So go! Go now! Ask questions, already! I want to read the answers Dean puts out! Entertain me!


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