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Dear Christ, I'm such a geek.

(From Narbonic. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Information Technology!)

So, today's strip is a step forward in our plot. Dave has uncovered part of the truth -- though he will no doubt leap to the wrong conclusion in the process. Helen is positioned to be just as conflicted as Dave is, if her own Madblood crush still has any legs. Mell is probably about to injure someone.

And yet, the only thing I can focus on is the IP number Madblood seems to be running Lovelace on.


IPv4 addresses, of which this is one, are 32-bit addresses, generally expressed in 'dot decimal' format. 32-bit dot decimal is expressed in a series of numbers from 0 to 255 separated by dots. This is the only way it can be in IPv4. And yet, Professor Madblood's IP number somehow has 513 subnets in the Class B range and 319 subnets in the D block.

A mistake? Fool. Professor Madblood does not make mistakes! The fools at the Internet Engineering Task Force said he was mad! MAD! But now, with his supramacrotic redefinition of mathematical expression, his domination of packet data will be complete! All will bow down before his ability to force potentially 16 bits into 8 bits worth of the so-called "quality of service" differentiated services datagram! All will accept his unfeasible large total length of packets! Mu-hu-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!!!

Okay, I'm a dork. We all know it. I own this aspect of my life.


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I sort of figured that was deliberate - it's not rare to see people using octets above 255 in fictional IP addresses, which are themselves less rare than they sound. Kinda like 555-xxxx telephone numbers in movies. Obviously, if it had been a genuine IP, you would be reverse resolving it and complaining about Madblood having 132/8 U.S. Government IP space. :)

Naturally, the IP address is the ONLY thing anyone has mentioned about the strip. It's the same on my message board.

If Eric can figure out my incredibly dumb and juvenile reason for using this number, he gets... well, you know. A tasty, tasty one.


Naturally, if a mother is going to raise a mad scientist, she's going to need sufficient bandwidth to provide for his needs. And naturally, Lupin would whine until she got a static IP....

(Mmmm... tasty.)

Heh heh heh.

I've seen worse.

I remember a comic strip -- http://the knife, it was called -- about a group of troubleshooters whose mysterious employer only ever contacted them, Charlie-like, via email. The title of the strip was the mysterious employer's email address.

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