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Day 28: I'm not sure how to feel...

bunny-winner-100.jpgSo, we're officially at 51,013 words, and I've sent the file in for validation. Which it's done. Hit here and you'll see my official "winner of Nanowrimo" bit.

Only... I'm not done.

I figure there's at least 5-10 thousand words more before I hit the conclusion. Then, I need to add a bunch of scenes to fill it out and make it flow better. And I need to cut a bunch of things that got me word count but don't add enough to the story. I need to break up the revelations a bit more. I need to extend, adopt, and improve. And most of all... I need to finish the story. I need the big revelations, the big macguffin to be finished.

I need to finish.

And so, as pleased as I am to "win" Nanowrimo, and get the right to use the creepy-ass smiling bunny winner's icon... I don't feel satisfied. I don't feel good.

This was important for me to do. And I'll do it again next year.

But this didn't make me a writer, and it didn't make me a novelist. I already was and am a writer, and I've written novel length stuff before... and I won't be done with this until I'm done with it.

So. What now?

Now, I set this aside for a few days, and think about it. I'll work more on it on Friday. Right now, I get some other work done. And I get back into a real rhythm here on Websnark.

Am I proud?


But I'm not done. Even if I'm done.


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Yeah, but you still get biscuits.

Awww... thanks. :)

(Actually, getting the mention in Todd and Penguin feels like a tasty, tasty biscuit today. Add that your mention, and I feel pretty old good.)

Hey, congrats! What a rush.

I'm at 43,500 and still plugging away at it. I'll have 3000 words in today before I'm all done, but that leaves me with two more 3000 word days in order to finish on time. I may take the 30th off if necessary to finish comfortably (as the Packers play Monday Night and there's no guarantee that I'll actually get anything written during the game).

I realize that you have loftier goals for your work, and I get that. The novelist has their own sense of satisfaction or disappointment based on their sense of what they wanted to accomplish and how well they did.

Me, I want to finish. I want to finish strong. It appears that _The Sky Pirate_ is simply the first part of a longer story arc. I'll need to decide if it's worth fleshing it out afterward. For now, I just want to reach the finish line. Congrats on getting there with room to spare.

Well, despite your ambivalence, congratulations anyhoo. Fifty thousand and some words in thirty days with even a shred of coherency is nothing to sneeze at, polished or no.

A year ago, a friend of mine loaned me Stephen King's "On Writing" and after a couple of weeks of procrastinating (something I've gotten to an artform) I read it.

And it inspired me.

I looked at stuff I'd already half-written... but it didn't interest me. In fact, the only thing I was truly proud of... was a fanfic I'd written back in 2001-2002 for CRfH, "The Trip". So I decided to take the story in there, and make the characters my own... and tell the half of the story that had been hinted in the prologue and epilogue.

Within two months I'd written 60,000 words. I will admit, some of it had been previously written and I was modifying/editing it... but a good half to two-thirds was completely new. It lasted until the cellar (where my computer was) flooded with a couple inches of water (killed my printer and digital surround sound speakers, but the computer was out of the water and survived).

It took me until October to write the last 28,000 words. And now it's being edited (and is intended for publication). Funny thing is... it's unfinished. There is one last scene... but I couldn't write it. I couldn't figure out how to make it work. So I left it out. It wasn't actually *necessary* for the story, it just wrapped up a side-plot.

I know what you've gone through. And it's quite an achievement. You should feel proud of yourself, even if you're sure it's incomplete and unpolished. Because... you did good.

Take care. :)

Robert A. Howard

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