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Day 25

35,310 / 50,000

So, it's been a long time since I updated you. There's been writing going on, but there's also been gaps. But I'm still plugging away.

It's a whole new ball game, as I break 70%. It's no longer about the old quotas -- I'm writing more than 1,600 words every time I write, but between work and some of last week's snarks, there's been missed days too often. Right now, I need to clear 3,000 words a day between now and Tuesday.

On the plus side... I'm on vacation. And even today, being social and being with my family, playing games and eating turkey... I still cleared 3,000 words.

I'm psyched. It's working. It feels good. It feels right... and I'm not going to quote it here. There's too much, and too little context. I'll put what's done so far on the writing page at end of writing tomorrow.

Thanks, all. It's almost over, and then Snarking returns to normal.


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Good man. I was hoping you were hanging in there.

I'm just on this side of 40,000. 5 days, 2k per day, should be more than do-able, then we get to read each other's rough draft.

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