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Clearly, I need to find some means of relaxing. Of course, that's what the scotch is for.

(From Suburban Jungle. Click on the thumbnail for full sized faceplant!)

I love it when we get the classics brought back. Cartoon characters used to do full on backwards headplants and facefaults on a regular basis. Heck, I remember Beetle Bailey doing a whole strip on different kinds of faceplants a full ten years before the web. You hear that? You guys didn't invent comic strip metahumor! Beetle Bailey was doing it years and years and years ago! BEETLE FUCKING BAILEY! The one with Sarge and the dog in the uniform and the sexual predator General Halftrack! They went on to do crossovers, too -- that's right! They crossed over with Hi and fucking Lois! Beetle is Lois's brother! Two different strips, completely unrelated -- ONLY THEY ARE RELATED! You thought it was funky when Trudy turned out to be Gwynn's cousin? BEETLE BAILEY AND HI AND LOIS!

Look, it's actually close to four in the morning, I can't sleep, so I'm writing snarks and setting them up to be published later in the day. I'm also drinking single malt scotch (before Jonathan Rosenberg asks, I'll come right out and say, it's Talisker, which is an urban and smooth scotch that goes down easily and, with my incredible lightweightness, should put me out like a light not long after I finish this post. My other scotches of choice are Dalwhinnie, which my good friend Kevin put me onto years ago, and Laphroig, which is the expensive single malt equivalent of a mugging).

Anyway, it was the inclusion of the classic faceplant that got me to snark this strip, but I also like the implications of it. We haven't heard much from Tiffany's career (or Tiffany in general) recently. It's nice to see some acknowledgment that she's actually struggling, and that Drezzler Wolf hasn't been the phenomenal boost to her career he promised he would be.

Anyway, hijinks should soon ensue.

And, just for the record.


Thank you.


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You like flip takes, huh? Well, then here's a little present for you:


A full (and comical) analysis of flip-takes and "Violently Ordinary Rejoinders" in the classic strip, Jerry on the Job.

If I recall correctly, Hi and Lois was actually a spin-off of Beetle Bailey. And, thanks to the magic of Google, here we go: http://www.mortwalker.com/mwinfo.html

So, two different, but never completely unrelated, strips.

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