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But... none of the booth babes have superfluous Ys in their name! Where's Taryn or Ambyr?

(From Narbonic. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Gluons!)

Well, you know I like Narbonic. And if you haven't figured out I like comic strips where there's attractive women, you haven't been paying attention. But for all I love cheesecake and as much as I love the humor of the strip (Gluon Girl indeed)... the things that most struck me were twofold.

First off, there was the lettering. Having the booth babes speak with the silly little hearts and flowers and the like just perfectly set the tone. I can hear their bubbly little voices in my head.

But more than that... there's the three eyed cat.

The three eyed cat.

Gods, but I love Narbonic.


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I wrote that strip at least three years ago, and it's virtually unchanged from that old and yellowing thumbnail, three-eyed cat and all. Except that I got better at drawing babes.

Loved the three-eyed cat.

Although I loved the panel in today's comic of Helen in the hotel towel even more, I must admit.

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