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Blog with Strip, hold the mayo

So, I can't actually snark http://www.journeyintohistory.com right now, because the thing that caught my eye is the fact that he's put up a portal-cell of the latest Websnark headlines on it. Which, I have to admit, I find really really neat. For one brief moment, I can feel like I'm CNN.com. Then, of course, I read said headlines and it reminds me that no, I'm not CNN. I write a blog.

But then, Journey into History is also a blog. Only it's a blog with occasional comic strips. And I've been seeing that more and more lately. In a way, it's another "infinite canvas" form, only instead of exploding the artwork, the artist explodes the multimedia. There are strips (HB), which are pretty cool and distinctive. And there are other strips. And then there's his rambling. Rambling is good, any way you look at it.

This seems distinct, to me, from places like Penny Arcade, which use a news page as a gateway to the strip, or things like... well, a plethora of strips, which have a comic strip and a "rant." In those, the strip is the point. The newspost may elaborate on it or the rant may accompany it, but the words that are typed aren't typically the reason people show up. In a Comic/Blog like Journey Into History, it feels like the words are as important as the artwork... and that the reader is expected to enjoy and anticipate the essays as much as the comic strips. I don't know if it works yet, but I like the idea.

I have to wonder. With technology like Movable Type making the convergence of self-served art and text simple, will we be seeing more and more merged comics/blogs? Or will sites like this remain anomalies.

In other news, 'anomalies' is hard to spell.


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I've received some criticism for moving to a daily strip, art and blog format and away from some of my infinite canvas experimentation. Thanks for recognizing that, in some way, I'm still experimenting.

My interests lately revolve more around the potential for comics to get involved in two-way communication, not pandering to a particular audience, but trying to respond to it. For example. In print, I miss reading the letters columns of books like Bone, Groo, and Cerebus though Powers comes close. I would love to see some of that energy on the internet. It's there, just not so closely associated with actual comics as I'd like to see it.

[quote]In other news, 'anomalies' is hard to spell.[/quote]

Spell? Hell, it's hard to [b][i]read[/i][/b]. It's still a freakishly cool word, however. ;)

Tailsteak.tk is another blog/strip, one I've been keeping up with ever since the author ended 1/0.

Well, it's more like blog/strips, since there are no less than three ongoing sequential strips going on, as well as whatever else the author feels like posting.

Have you been checking out Overcompensating, Jeff Rowlands new blog/strip?

Just curious. It's nifty.

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