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(From Her. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Art!)

So... yesterday, as you know, my November Feeding Snarky column came out. It specifically compared and contrasted A Softer World and Sinister Bedfellows.

This morning, Chris Bishop's "Her" had... this.

The likelihood is, Bishop did this some time ago. But, there's a tradition among sites that claim the word "snark" as part of their lexicon, started by Television Without Pity lo these many moons ago. They have a tendency to ascribe any reaction from the television show, movie or what have you that has even the remotest possibility of having been influenced by something they wrote as a "shout out."

So, I consider this a shout out, even though it has nothing to do with me, has nothing to do with Websnark, makes no reference to Websnark, me or Comixpedia, and in fact takes A Softer World on as a subject matter in its entirety. Oh, and probably was done long before my article, which Chris Bishop probably hasn't read yet anyway.

I feel so influential. So delusionally, delusionally influential.


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Not to mention, this is pretty good satire.


That's awesome. By the way, great choice in the article - the softer world you picked is my favorite by far.

Well, yeah. It is pretty funny. Which was another reason why I pointed this little "shout out" out.

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