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And now, a little proof I've gotten my money's worth

(From Something Positive. Click on the thumbnail for full sized nostalgia.)

I watched some MTV from the first time I had an apartment. (We didn't get MTV in Northern Maine back when I was in high school, so it had to wait for college, and then wait for that faithful time I decided to get a room with Andy Alexander.) But it didn't become a major part of my life until I moved into my first apartment with Frank, in Ithaca.

This was the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties. I was right in MTV's demographic, and they played me like a guitar. It was almost all music videos then, with theme shows for Metal Fans and the like. Exciting special guests like Hulk Hogan introduced videos every now and again. There was MTV News and a few shows about upcoming movies or the like, and Remote Control and Just Say Julie and the soft core porn of Club MTV. VH1? VH1 was dull.

Then, one day... MTV changed. Utterly. My Veejays were sent to the curb. My shows disappeared. And all the videos were hip hop and rap. It was like... like MTV had been reinvented for younger people than I was. And that's when I discovered that VH1 was far more discerning and intelligent.

Never make the rash assumption the good programmers don't know what they're doing at Music Television. They do.

Anyway -- flash ahead to the end of the nineties. Music videos are vanishing (eventually needing two new channels -- MTV2 and VH1Classics) to become the music video channels. And VH1 surfed Nostalgia. First, it was Pop Up Video, which was a transitional show -- it still played videos, but also included exciting factoids. Then there was Behind the Music, which became a phenomenon. And it was still music, if not videos. Besides, the one on Tony Orlando was cool, and Leif Garrett rocked in a pathetic way. And they had Where Are They Now, which was Behind the Music for bands we didn't care as much about.

And now, all of those shows are gone too, and Nostalgia rules, music not required. It's gotten to the point that they have a nostalgia show, paced exactly like I Love the Eighties, for last week I swear I'm not making this up. It's called The Best Week Ever, and instead of Michael Ian Black cracking wise about the Rubik's Cube, it's even lesser known celebrities saying "Dude -- did you see Survivor last week? That was smoking!'

And God help me, I love it. It's like a sieve my brain can pour down into. I know I shouldn't. I know I should hate it and decry it, and I do. I do. I remember when it was about music, damn it.

And yet, I can watch for hours and hours and hours. I kind of wish I could be watching it now, but damn it, I'm still at my parents' house.

And they're wasting my time by listening to music.


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You know, some time ago I was commenting to a friend of mine about how VH1 had gone a bit overboard with the "I Love the [70s|80s|90s]" shows. I made the off hand comment that the next thing they would have would be a "I love last week" show.

And then he told me they /did/ have one.

It hurts my brain. :P

Just Say Julie went a long way towards shaping my early senses of humour and aesthetic.

This probably explains way too much.

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