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Actually, I'd hire plenty of bitter goths. Only they'd be in their twenties. Clearly, I need to own a coffee shop where I can hire Baristas.

(From Todd and Penguin. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Snarky Ice Cream!)

Submitted without comment.

(Well, except that I did actually work in an ice cream shop for several months, back in Fort Kent, Maine. It was called "Andy's Variety" and I was 18 years old. I made astoundingly good milkshakes.)

(Well, and also that I could see myself owning an ice cream store with attitude, that college students and art types prefer to go. Maybe one of the cold marble places, with hipsters and indy rock folks behind the counter. Banter skills will be a must, and of course there'd be espresso and places to sit. So more a coffee shop. With marble counters and ice cream and mix-ins. And a Wifi hotspot.)

(Actually, I'd love to own a place like that.)

(And a place like that would go out of business in twenty-four days. But I might get a cute girlfriend out of it. For a couple of weeks. And then she'd figure out I was a dork who couldn't hook her up with coffee and sundaes any more, and that'd be that.)

(I make bad choices in love sometimes. Is that so wrong?)

(Oh, and someone remind me to link to the archive page when it becomes available. For some reason it won't let me pull it up today.)


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I worked at an ice cream shop for about a year in college. I invented the "everything in a bucket".
1 pint, 12 flavors, 1 low price.

When we got robbed, I had to tell the assistant manager to clear out all the pot so I could call the police.

Let's see. Ice cream shop, attitude, hipsters, banter, and a large espresso-related component.

Congratulations! You've discovered Toscanini's in Cambridge, MA, a definite source of affirmative action for the body-modification crowd.

I actually work at a place like that, now. Amy's Ice Cream. Started in Austin, now spread out over Texas like a swarm of hipster locusts.

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