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You realize, if Frank Cho had drawn this, Erwin would be reacting to a statuesque brunette with large breasts, right?

(From User Friendly. Click on the thumbnail for full sized premature fragging.)

I give User Friendly a certain amount of crap. I think Illiad does a little too much coasting and a little too little resolution for my tastes. However, I keep reading it, and days like today are why. This is downright hysterical. The reason is what I call execution, but might also be called timing.

We have setup in panel one. We have a Chekhov's Law of Flamethrowers in panel two (Chekhov's Law of Flamethrowers states that if an flamethrower with an automatic firing mechanism is put on the fireplace's mantle in panel two, that flamethrower's automatic firing mechanism must go off by panel three. Chekhov was very specific in his laws.) We have the two coming together in panel three. There is also implied violence. There is geek humor, yet the strip doesn't rely on the geek humor to bring the Funny.

Good, good strip, and part of a good arc. Life is good, damn it.


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