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You know, I haven't had salsbury steak in years.

(From Gaming Guardians. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Websnark!)

Submitted without comment.

(Well, mostly without comment. This is a webcomic about characters who enter tabletop RPG systems. I'm a professional RPG writer. I've been nominated for an ENnie directly, and could legitimately claim involvement with a Gold ENnie winner if I were willing to lie. As a result... I get a mention for writing this thing. Life. Don't talk to me about life.)

(Wait. only reviews webcomics?)


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Wait, we get a Snark for mentioning you in a strip?

I wouldn't let that get around if I were you...

No no, you get a snark to be the first one to mention me in a strip. In fact, if you manage that trick at this point, I'll give you a week of snarks.

Of course, it might just be the mentioning of Salsbury Steak. I wouldn't rule that out.

(I should mention that to be first mentioning me, you now would have to go back in time. This is not a race. Yeesh.)

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