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Yes! Die! DIE!

(From Something Positive. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Garfield the way it was meant to be!)

There are three things worth noting here.

First off... this is the first time I've ever seen a representation of Garfield act even remotely like a cat.

Secondly... since Jon can actually 'hear' Garfield, in the strip (depending on the week), why hasn't that Vet contacted Mental Health Services to medicate him?

Third, will Jon bake Garfield's corpse into a lasagna after this? The meat has been forcefed whole sheets of pasta and cheese for so long, one has to assume the meat will be perfectly marbled and succulent.

Finally... there's one truly unrealistic thing in this strip, if one looks at the whole. Jon wants to know if Garfield did anything "funny" today. As Garfield hasn't done anything "funny" since 1979 or so (not counting the cartoon, which the Jim Davis machine had nothing to do with -- I'm not saying it was good, just that it had a shot at funny) the question seems too ridiculous to let go.

I wonder if we could get some sequel strips, like "Jon captures the Vet and keeps her locked in the basement" and "Jon leaves Odie in a garage with the car engine running...." Nah. There's just so long you can tempt the syndicates to sue you.


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Cats are *selectively telepathic* in the Davisverse. Jon is normal.

Davisverse. The hell. Some well-meaning, Outside Scoop guy-looking bloke in a sweater is going to write The Nitpicker's Guide to Garfield and US Acres now. And then there's going to be flame wars and newsgroup splits over Garfield universe reboots. THE FANDOM. THE FANDOM IS DYING.

I think Garfield only threatened to send Nermal to Abu Dhabi in the Saturday morning cartoon. Speaking of the TV cartoon, did anyone besides me ever actually see "U.S. Acres" in a newspaper? I remember reading it in the Elmira, NY paper when I was about three, and for years afterward, until the cartoon came out, I thought I'd hallucinated this bizarre version of "Garfield" with farm animals.

Čn ongoing strip about Paws Inc., the well-financed and, reportedly, faintly cult-like Garfield strip factory, would be funnier than any possible Garfield parody. Goodness knows there's enough cartoonists out there who have done time as part of the Jim Davis machine and could lend their insight to such a production.

US Acres is teh bit with Orson and Wade right? That cartoon was an integral part of my early childhood, I used to get up early every Saturday to watch it. Now less than a decade later, it's on Toon Disney or something, with all the other reject cartoons. :(

My respect for Jim Davis went up quite a bit when I read this article.


Davis never really sold out because his goal from the very start was to make a marketable character to bring in license revenue. You've got to respect someone who can work the market like that.

Shaenon, Garfield actually *did* send Nermal to Abu Dhabi once, or at least got her to the post office.

I know, I sound obsessive, but unlike the comic, "Garfield & Friends" was actually FUNNY!

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