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Wow! Irony! Who expected Irony?!

(From Sluggy Freelance. Click on the thumbnail for full sized ironic statements!)

It almost goes without saying that, due to a combination of work and fatigue and just plain dumb luck, the week I have by far the highest readership is also the week I've had the lightest output. Life can be like that sometimes. Still, I've still been lurking out there, a few stray thoughts percolating, and now sitting in a cafe listening to a CD of piano jazz puts me in the mood for writing.

Of course, the woman and her sister sitting in the booth next to mind with a six month old child who is trying hard to sleep while they try hard to get her to giggle and laugh for their amusement by mugging and making noises and saying her name loudly puts me in the mood to reconsider my stance on gun control, rather than writing, but we're going to give this the old school try anyway.

That Which Redeems is one of his longer 'epic' story arcs -- to the point that it's two separate storylines in his dropdown (consecutive storylines, no less -- can we really call it "That Which Redeems II" when it's just the completion of the storyline that immediately predated it?). And, with rare exceptions -- "The Storm Breaker Saga" leaps to mind -- they tend to go on too long. Christ only knows how close I came to stabbing myself in the temple with a fork instead of read yet another freaking Gofotron strip, back in the day... but I digress. That Which Redeems is dragging a bit, but it's generally well paced enough that I don't mind. And it has occasional flashes of absolutely brilliant humor to make us glad to be alive.

And that brings us to today. It's a single panel, that kind of puts me in mind of the cartoonists of an earlier generation. It's a site gag that takes a half second, and then just slays you. And I think it's leading to a depressing ending, so I'm glad for the chance to laugh.

(I'm hopeful, by the way, that there's a twist coming up. Because if they're intentionally setting things up for Torg's sword's power to wear off just in time for Zo╬2 to throw herself on it and die to give Torg and NotBun the power to escape, followed by the nuclear strike killing off or otherwise eliminating all the primary demons....

Well, it would suck if I called it in advance, wouldn't it?)


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This is a light week for you? O_O I thought I was lucky that you update at least once a day.

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