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What makes a good video game.

So you haven't seen me yet tonight, which is really okay. I've done something almost every day since mid-August. It's good to not sweat it for a day. Today was devoted to City of Heroes, and was astoundingly fun.

A series of adventures for our team (I'm playing Transit, a teleportation specialist -- which will seem odd to CoH players, but works pretty damn well) led us to a fight against one of the Archvillains. These are always extremely cool adventures, and this more than most. You see, he had ice powers, which meant there were rooms with iced over floors that were frictionless, to make things harder on us....

Only... in one of the rooms... there was a giant ice slide down one stairwell, going up into a jump.


So we cleared that room of the evil Outcasts... and then blew twenty minutes sliding. If you did it just right, you could jump to a second floor catwalk. And if you jumped off the catwalk just right, you could make it all the way back up the iced over stairwell. And if you balanced sliding just right, you could half-pipe for a while.

It made sense from a role playing standpoint -- our Supergroup is officially a school for superheroes. So we were mostly supposed to be kids or teenagers. With a graduate who was embarrassed, and a teacher who was trying to balance decorum and wooting sounds. Which means this was a damn good RP scene for an online MassMOG where the goal is punching things.

This is an incidental bit in the middle of one room of one mission.

This... is why this game is so astoundingly cool.

Oh, and we took him down, hard. Ah, sweet simulated over the top superheroic violence, how I adore thee...


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So THAT's what you've been doing all day...

You know, it's cool that you tell you are playing CoH, and that your name is Transit, and that you've just done the FrostFire mission, which I agree is one of the best I've experienced... but you forgot to tell us what server you play on!

As for me, I'm

Victory: Nice Pants
Victory: Grayce

We hit the ice room in a map late last week. I want to say Friday. We ran into Jack Frost and his pets (which was a first for our group) and did the half-pipe playtime thing. It was too cool not to (no pun intended).

hey you wouldn't be part of the Honor Society would you? On Virtue?

And you are right about COH it's a sweet ride.

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