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Well, with the number of penis jokes we had last week, this was sort of inevitable.

(From Planet Earth (and other tourist traps). Click on the thumbnail for full sized groping!)

A couple of things. First off, I meant to write this last week. Which thematically would have made sense, what with the various jokes involving the groping of men in tender ways that showed up here. I can't help that, by the way. I grew up in Northern Maine. We had to watch whatever managed to appear on our televisions until Cable came along. Which meant when Hee Haw was on, Hee Haw was on. We didn't like it. It was just that or stare out at the frozen tundra and wonder when the oxygen would melt off the ground again, and that gets old after a while.

Second off, Planet Earth has added a "permanent URL" section to its main page. A couple of other sites have too. This is a positive movement forward in the science of webcomic criticism. I look forward to a day when people like me barely have to lift a finger to get source links on our blogs. And we'll bitch about having to barely lift our fingers, too. Annoyance and effort is subjective.

Third off, I'm enjoying this sequence, and not just for the boob jokes. There's something very refreshing about the reminder that the event that destroyed your life -- the event you have dedicated your life to avenging -- might have been so minor on the part of the other person that they barely remember you exist. It's like Lex Luthor showing up with a Kryptonite Bomb and a tentacle robot with ray beams, and Superman squinting and saying "what is this all about?" And Lex says "Don't you remember? We were kids! My lab caught fire! You flew in to save me, but you caused an accident and all my hair fell out! My hair! My beautiful red hair! Remember?" "Well... um... you know, I saved a lot of people from fires when I was a kid... and you're not the only bald supervillain you know...."

Finally, I respect the sound effect "boof." I think we should all agree that the comic strip sound effect for squeezing a breast, from this point forward, should be "boof." When Francis reminisces about squeezing Jade's breast in PvP, he say "and then I was all like "there are no consequences, because it's the future, and she was all like yeah, so I reached out and it was all like 'boof' when I squeezed her boob."


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At Viz, we traditionally prefer "poit."

In contemporary nerd literature, the archetypal "arch-rival doesn't remember the character bit" comes, of course, from "The Princess Bride."

The boof in question seems to be less from the squeeze than it is from the face-between-breasts impact.

(I suspect there could be some kind of experiment to check face-plant noises versus groping noises, but the higher-ups at my place of employment would like as not frown on investigating such a thing during work time.)

Shaenon -- I always assumed the 'poit' was the sound the girl's brain makes when it realizes there's someone groping her breast. "Boof" has more of a breast-groping onomatopoeia thing going for it.

And any reminder of Inigo Montoya is a good one, in my book.

Taper -- I'm of the opinion that a sound effect is typically included in a comic strip for the funniest possible reason. Which means nine out of ten comic strip sound effects either involve someone's face hitting metal with a splang or some kind of fart noise. While logically, the sound should be Steve's face landing between Kaylee's breasts, it's funnier if it's his groping that causes it.

Or, alternately, if it's some kind of fart noise.

Or, alternately, if it's some kind of fart noise.

... so, whoopy cushion breasts?

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