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Well, someone's doing halloween strips, at least

(From Diesel Sweeties. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Flight of the Alpha.)

I'd just like to use what is, after all, a moderately good Diesel Sweeties strip to reminisce about Alpha Flight. The initial run, John Byrne created -- were some of the best team based superhero comics of their time. Well done, well paced, well crafted, with a shocker in the middle and characters you could believe in and respect. And that was a fine, fine thing.

Everything that happened with Alpha Flight after the Byrne run was subpar, and finally went to total crap. I hear there's a new series, with a humorous slant -- I guess because just like She-Hulk, if it's Marvel and John Byrne was associated with it, it must be funny, right? Right? And John Byrne hasn't done a damn thing worthwhile since Alpha Flight. But those issues were about as good as team based superheroes ever got.

So, thanks, M. Stevens. Thanks for giving me a few minutes to remember when John Byrne and Canadian Superheroes were a fine, fine thing.


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But those, like, ten or something issues of She-Hulk were funny. (Uh. The ones of Sensational series. The late eighties one. Not this new one they tell me is funny but which I haven't seen and therefore I don't know about and stuff.)

The new Alpha Flight is ehhn. The new She-Hulk, however, is hilarious without breaking the fourth wall. I like it a lot more than the Byrne She-Hulk in terms of writing (although the art is hit or miss).

No one yet appears to have mentioned that the other costume is Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force!

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