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Web congestion embers the baby pony.

So, one thing about being someone who comments on webcomics that seems obvious in retrospect... it's difficult to actually do that commentary when there's heavy lag, especially to Keenspace. It's disturbingly like trying to operate a television remote control by poking its buttons with a yardstick while it sits on the coffee table. Yeah, sooner or later the TV gives you the show you want, but it takes a lot of time and promotes a lot of frustration.

On the other hand, it's Saturday -- so at least I have a cat sleeping on my leg while I do it. Of course, that also means I can't get up. I can just sit here, and watch web sites slooooowly develop content. And always -- always -- the webcomic is the last thing to appear. God knows it couldn't appear before Burstnet's ads do....


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I've looked at the source code for a lot of those pages, and the actual comic is indeed usually near the bottom.

The recursive scripting and multiple server dependencies in Keenp*'s ad serving code is an unholy monstrosity to behold. Keenspacers can code lean, clean templates with the ***todays_comic*** near the top, but the endless stuff that gets inserted, and the slow speed at which that stuff gets executed, causes the pages to take forever to load at times.
Not that I'm holding it against them. They're still understaffed, and their best volunteer is already doing far more things at the same time than can possibly be healthy.

If you keep the page clean, it doesn't take that long to load.


That poor baby pony.

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