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Wait. Wait. What the Fuck?!

(From Annie. Click on the thumbnail for full sized... wait, what the Fuck?!)

Okay, I know. I just snarked Annie. But... but....

He's a cop. And he's being bitchslapped on the phone for losing an underaged star witness with a head injury, who ran off for no reason, and all he can think is "clever girl?"


Here's a concept for you! "Holy Shit! We have an injured eleven year old runaway who's the key to finding a vigilante murderer out running around! We need State and Federal backup and we need it right now! God, I hope she's not dying of starvation, exposure or blood loss out there!"

Dear God I love this comic strip.


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She's probably being raped by Marmaduke.
I really need to change my signin name so I'm not associated with these disturbing comments I post.

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