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Tiki God is also surprisingly good at origami.

Holy crap! I got fan art!

I wondered, in the halcyon days of my youth, if ever I would receive unsolicited fan art for a project I was doing. Not... er... counting when Ursula made Snarky. Which technically was solicited. I had finally contented myself with the surety of knowledge that someone trashing my apartment, spraypainting obscenities on my walls and setting fire to my furniture at least counted as performance art.

But look here! Jonathan Bearup of Blahsville sent this along! (Click on it for full size, as always.) It's great! The beard is just about perfect, and I would so use that pose. He even looks like he's wearing a bowling shirt over a tee shirt.

(On a side note -- Bowling Shirt monetary solicitations should go out this weekend! It is definite go time! Yay!)

So, count me as one pleased guy. He also wanted to be sure I knew he wasn't trying to bribe me for a Snark, which is a pity because it would have totally worked. On the other hand, I was already going to snark Blahville at some point, because it's a lot of fun. So. Moral quandary. Moral quandary.

Eh, we'll chalk it up to full disclosure, somewhere down the line. In the meantime, I won't snark the strip proper today, but I will make mention of Blahville's Links page, which has to be my favorite of all time. And also must be a Hell of a lot of work to do.

Is it me, or do I look like I'm totally about to kick Scott McCloud's ass in that picture, too? Something about the style makes it look like McCloud's about to appear out of nowhere commenting on Perspective, and I'm going to totally punk him out. Perhaps its the look of insanity in the eyes. Fucking McCloud. It's on!


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Scott fights dirty, keep your hands up.

Great to hear about the shirts. I was afraid I had spaced and missed the boat.

I'd pay good money to see you kick Scott McClod's ass. And then a tag team match with Tycho and Gabe versus Scott Kurtz and Frank Cho with Cho making a face turn and hitting Kurtz with a folding chair! And a 40 webcartoonist Royal Rumble! Yeah! Web cartoonist Smackdown!

Understanding Snarks?

This concept is funnier if you know what these cartoonists actually look like.

I'm pretty sure Frank Cho would put up the toughest fight in a physical confrontation. He's got Short Man's Disease; he lifts weights and he's always spoiling for a rumble. Seriously, he's quite a muscular little guy. Scott McCloud has those carpal tunnel wrists, so any attack to his arms would bring him down easily. Gabe and Tycho... don't make me laugh. Fifteen seconds with the Mandible Claw.

My strategy: find a way to turn Scott Kurtz against his dark master Cho. Possibly with pie. I'm working on it.

I'm posting this anonymously, right?

Well, Gabe and Tycho could make everyone else laugh themselves into submission. I mean, their r/l physical demeanor begs for Abott and Costello ripoff.

(On a side note -- Bowling Shirt monetary solicitations should go out this weekend! It is definite go time! Yay!)

I never heard back when I first wrote, and I haven't got anything in the email , so I was sort of wondering if you ever got my email requesting to be added to the bowling shirt list.

Of course, it's possible I missed it in the growing amount of spam my filter is letting through again. Or worse, your reply was filtered out for some acrane filter rule reason.

In any case, I am interested in getting a bowling shirt, if it's not too late.

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