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There are so many situations in life where swearing helps, you know it?

(From Eat the Roses. Click on the thumbnail for full sized pause for recovery!)

Let's talk for a minute about art.

I know, I know, I don't talk a huge amount about it here. You already know I won't trash a site's art, and I won't reject a strip because I don't like its art if its execution makes up for it. So already, you know I like Meaghan Quinn's art, because I'm bringing it up.

What I want to talk about, just for a moment, is ink washes. Or simulated ink washes made on Photoshop. Or watercolor shading that ends up looking like ink washes. Whatever. You know what I mean.

The gradients in today's strip are subtle, the grayscale evocative. There are strips out there that just aren't in color, and there are strips out there that are meant to be duotone in gray. Today's Eat the Roses is the latter. Color would be a mistake. The grey on pencil becomes an effect -- if the negative space were black instead of white, this would fall into Noir. As it is, there's a dreamlike quality, but an oddly realistic one.

And -- and I say this a lot, it seems -- this would totally not work on a newspaper page. The LPI newspapers use wouldn't begin to resolve this kind of subtle grey at all. Even a graphic novel would have to print at a tighter screen than they're used to. This isn't a knock. I love strips that take advantage of the medium. This is a strip that creates an effect on the web, that couldn't be created anywhere else. Quinn knows what she's doing, and the result is lovely.


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