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The difference.

First off, we've now broken two hundred strips. And a hundred and ten thousand words, total. I am so doing Nanowrimo this year.

Secondly, this is a quote from /usr/bin/w00t's front page:

What does this mean for the strip? It means that I will draw strips on the weekends. However many strips I draw, that's how many you're getting over the following week. If I go batshit and draw five? Strip every night. If I draw one? You get one. I'll shoot for the standard MWF, but I'm not going to guarantee it. No makeups, no fillers, no apologies. Nobody has felt the need to bitch about this yet, and for that I thank you. However, if a few of you should get it into your minds to do so, I respectfully suggest you try pedaling a fucking bicycle twelve to fifteen miles round trip to and from your nine-to-six-with-twenty-minute-lunch day job five days a week and see how artistic you feel when you get home.
Sing it, sister.

This is the difference between a strip where the Webcartoonist has made it his job (PvP, Sluggy, Something*Positive and the like) and one where the Webcartoonist works a full day job and tries to do this stuff in their everyday life, too. If Chaobell were putting food on her table by the graces of this strip, my reaction would be this is your fucking job! Rework your priorities! But she's not putting food in the table via this strip. She's doing this strip because she wants to, because she loves doing it. And we're lucky to get whatever she can do. She doesn't owe us a damn thing.

Let me repeat that.

We're lucky to get whatever she can do! She doesn't owe us a damn thing!

So, if you're about to fire up your e-mail or LJ-commenter to take Chaobell to task because she's not going to guarantee you the free comic strip she does in lieu of other free time activities, do us all a favor and drop your computer keyboard into an industrial combine, then go find some other hobby. I for one will happily take whatever W00t I can get, and hope Chaobell's quest for motorized transport bears fruit. Not that she'll be obligated to do the strip more often then, mind. Chaobell is free to do what she will, and she'll get no argument from me.


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This is Feral from Finkorama.com. I helped to fill in for Chaobell while she was away (well, I did a cross-over strip). I was doing a google search for her strip and found you. So...

I was wondering if you would consider taking a look at my comic. It's a comic aimed at LARPs in general (Amtgard more specifically) as well as geeks of all kinds. It is at http://www.finkorama.com


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