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The Backlog, as of today.

Well, having built up a healthy number of e-mails I needed to go through, I've taken the time to do so. And, because I'm now getting a good, healthy number of recommendations for things to look at and/or snark, I've now got a healthy list of stuff ahead of me, just covering what people thing I'd enjoy. Because the list could get unwieldy (and I own a copy of Filemaker Pro anyhow), I thought I'd whip up a happy to-do list, and export it for you all to see what's on my agenda.

Note that not all of these will get snarked. It's always what catches my eye on the day of the snark that ends up being snarked. Note also that a few of these are things I've read before, but gotten behind on. (Things like Fans or Chopping Block fall under that heading.) Others I've never heard of before, but someone out there liked and thought I would like too. Still others, like The Jaded and Killroy and Tina, I haven't yet read but I've meant to.

Of all of these, the one I've had the most recommendations to read? Schlock Mercenary. So that should probably be first.

If you suggested something more than three weeks ago and you don't see it here, chances are I had a look and didn't end up being inspired. Alternately, I might have missed it as the database is new. So what the heck, send it again to websnark AT gmail DOT com and I'll either have a look or let you know why not. If you'd like to suggest something, feel free to send it along as well!

And now... the backlog:

13Seconds.info, A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreperable, A Softer World, Alex and Ilia, Amyís Suitcase, Anime Arcadia, Arthur, King of Time and Space, As If!, Athena Voltaire, Atland, Authentic Productions, Bob and George, Bored and Evil, Buttercup Festival, Chopping Block, Count Your Sheep, Crooked Halo, El Goonish Shive, Errant Story, Ezra and Ash, Fans, Fetus-X, Fever Dream, Five Bucks to Friday, Freak U., Game Under, Gamers Gone Bad, Gin and the Devil, Guardians, Gun Street Girl, Homestar Runner, Will Eisnerís John Law, Joe Cartoon, Killroy and Tina, KU-2, Lancaster the Ghost Detective, Like an Episode of, Miracle of Science, Nephilum, New Adventures of Death, Night Shift, No Need For Bushido, Oriyan, Picture Story Theater, Piled Higher and Deeper, Pork Factor 9, Rhymes with Orange, Rolling with the Punches, Sam and Fuzzy, Schlock Mercenary, Shaw Island, Skirting Danger, Sorcerer of Fortune, Square and Circle, Strange Daze, Striptease, Super Real, Terinu, The Jaded, Triangle and Robert, Uberclocked, Venus Envy, Wapsi Square, You Damn Kid!, Zebra Girl, and Zortic.

Clearly, I have my work cut out for me.

(Oh, and one thing I don't need are reasons why I shouldn't read one or more of the above. But you knew that, didn't you?)


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A Softer World is one of the greatest webcomics in existence, and I particularly reccomend it. this and this are probably the two best.

Bob and George, on the other hand, is tricky. I actually used to read it devotedly, but it's moved on to my own private "You Had Me But You Lost Me" list. I'd either start at the beginning or at this strip to capture its joy properly.

Piled Higher and Deeper = also very good. Then again, I'm in a PhD program. Your mileage may vary based on the amount of debt you're incurring at a given moment.

Oh - is there a reason you don't have any sprite comics on your list so far? I'm especially surprised by the lack of 8-Bit Theatre...

This entry breaks on lj feed websnark.

Snow -- no reason on sprites. And there are a couple in that above list. I'll add 8-but

Weds -- yeah, I saw. It'll be fixed as soon as LJ decides to pull the new version.

I should pimp out Breakpoint City. Brian Emling's been at it for a couple years now, and it's absolutely awesome.

I third A Softer World. This one's my favorite.

Also, Homestar Runner is somewhat stupid but entertaining. I highly recommend Teen Girl Squad on that site.

Wow. I'm on the list. I didn't even know anyone was reading it, let alone recommending it. Neat!

You have to read Sam and Fuzzy. It is quite possible the most awesome webcomic EVAR. His shop has some neat shirts in it too. I'm partial to the I'm Communism Fuzzy design, which should be coming back this next month. Another webcomic you don't have on this list, and I've never seen you Snark....which I suggested the other day ALONG with Sam and Fuzzy; is Ctrl-Alt-Del. Which is a kind of Penny Arcade esque comic...very Penny Arcade humor and art style, but IMO, it pulls it off better than Penny Arcade ever did. URL for CAD is http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/ since I can't seem to figure out how to use hyperlinks with this particular Blog software.

woohoo, my recommendation is on the list...

Alexander -- I had a couple of recommendations, actually. So there. ;)

Slick -- missing Ctrl-Alt-Del was oversight, not design. It's on the list now.

DarKrow -- adding Breakpoint City, too.

Sooooo many webcomics, so little time.

I hate to make a suggestion right before the artist has a haitus (not mention DNS/server problems), but the archives should speak quite comfortably on both artistic merit and pure subversive wierd humor.

I give you PASTE.

(Skip the grain of Rice arcs at start. A little hard to get into those.)

That's funny, the grain of rice arcs are my favourite. Well, them and any strip Irving is in.

Yes, Schlock Mercenary is heartily recommended. Space opera goodness with bits of real science and a daily dose of the Funny.

Alex and Ilia lost me because of stupid infinite canvassing. I'm completely at a loss for why anybody would ever think that presenting a strip in this manner is anything even remotely reminiscent of a good idea.

I have to recommend 21st Century Fox. Good SF and humor with "realistic" furry characters. The art of the first strips is hideously bad, but it's been good enough for a long while, and I've always liked the writing.

And a RPG comic you might like: Another Gaming Comic. As should be evident, I don't read it for the art. Warning: The archive is just a big list of links without previous or next. Thank $DEITY for tabbed browsing.

Other than things you mentioned (like fans), I'd have to support the suggestion of Wapsi Square, above.

Since you have such a big plate of tasty suggestions to work through, here are more:

Oh, and thanks for snarking Freefall. I'd tried it early on, but sadly didn't stick with it.

One I'm a big fan of that no one's ever seems to know is Shinpad. Stylistically, it's pretty all over (story comics; one-shot gag strips; ongoing threads; the occasional one-panel gag), but it's pretty consistently funny. And I dig the art, which is surprising since it's in like, MS Paint or something like it.

Sam & Fuzzy's seconded, too. I was actually going to suggest that until someone beat me to it. So, y'know, mwomp mwomp on that one.

(Larger comics you might know about that are good anyway: Hound's Home (one of my favorites), Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (I dig it, although it's not the most consistently updated, but...), Girly (by Josh Lesnick who did Cute Wendy. For some reason, though I am thinking you might have already done this one, but I am totally blanking. Which is weird since I've read all of your posts. So... uh, yeah.)... Anyway, though, yeah. Thanks!

Oh whoa. Somebody recommended ME?

I mean, with all the stupid infinite canvassing and stuff...

Fast notes...

Paste, Return to Sender, Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, Another Gaming Comic and 21st Century Fox all added. A note to get caught up on Cat and Girl and the Devil's Panties, both of which I'm familiar with and like but which fell onto the dark side of the Sporadically Checked List just out of time management. That needs to get revised.

Girly I'm afraid I'm not that interested in. I trekked along with Wendy and Cutewendy for a while, but for whatever reason I kind of got Lesnick'd out. Sooner or later I'll need to go through Girly's archives and give it another shot, but it's not a high priority for me.

And finally... yeah. That bit about not needing reasons not to read the stuff on the list? Yeah, there's a reason for that.

Oh... and Hound's Home....

Hound's Home hit the "You Had Me, and You Lost Me" list, long before I even knew I had that list. I'm willing to have a look at the archive and see if what I used to like about the strip has returned, but it's not particularly easy to get off that list. I'll have a look-see and either let it convince me or do a "You Had Me..." essay on it to explain my thinking. One or the other. Something like that. You know.

Yet another item to add to the list would be Absurd Notions. Unfortunately, the author has been updating very sporadically for the past year or so (only once every three weeks on average, with two-month gaps here & there), but if you head on back through the archives there's some truly funny stuff.

You might want to get caught up on Fans soonish. It's ending soon, and the last storyline (bound) is *just freakin awesome!*


You might want to get caught up on Fans soonish. It's ending soon, and the last storyline (bound) is *just freakin awesome!*



Eric, at the rate the suggestions are coming in, you're going to be reading more new comics than I am for Webcomic Finds!

Most of the suggestions look good though.

First off, I'd give a strong second to the nominations for Shaw Island and Strange Daze. Strange Daze in paticular is perhaps the most underappriciated webcomics out there (unfortuneately government intervention has caused it to go on hiatus).

Second, I would highly recommend you check out Youthtopia and Tailsteak.tk. Youthtopia has perhaps the most interesting, complex characters of any webcomic ever, and tailsteak.tk is . . . moderately indescribable. Go read, NOW!

Venus Envy, cool
now I won't need to wait until the next auction to put the name forward

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