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Still stuck behind a suck ISP...

...but struggling along as best we can. So while this is Yet Another Mention of General Protection Fault, I'm not going to thumbnail it. Thumbnailing against the tide is too painful. Too PAINFUL I tell you!

So. I told you I was interested in what happened next, after Mr. Oshiro showed himself to be a racist. And then Nick sort of called him on the hypocrisy of his bigotry, and Oshiro went nuts. Apparently he attacked Nick sufficiently to draw blood and make a hospital trip a good idea.

So, Nick's heading to the hospital, but doesn't want Ki to go with him. Seems he doesn't want to make Oshiro even angrier. When he gets back after "things cool down," they'll see what they can work out.

Uh... huh.

The incomparable Wednesday White asked me what point General Protection Fault goes on the "You Had Me, and You Lost Me" list. Well, that list requires a pretty systemic breaking down of the elements that once had me following along faithfully. A strip of the Funny eliminating the Funny. Updates so sporadic that it's an event just to get a strip. Storylines getting so convoluted that you need a scorecard and dental records to identify who's talking. That kind of thing.

GPF, on the other hand, is suffering badly from duality and a lack of understanding of who and what GPF actually is, these days. The Nick and Ki stuff (as well as the Dwayne, Trent and slime mold stuff) underscores it, for all the reasons I've already laid out. But there's also the Fooker, Sharon, Dexter and Trudy stuff, and all of it shows promise. There is a lot about General Protection Fault that could still be great....

So no, it's not going on that list. Not yet. If the next storyline doesn't bring back the smile to my face, that'll likely be that.

But I'm now officially rooting for Nick and Ki to break up.

Seriously. I'm rooting for Ki to dump Nick for being spineless, or for Nick to dump Ki because he can't marry a girl whose father won't allow it (I'm not saying I agree with Nick -- it just sounds like a Nickish thing to do). But this couple has no chemistry, no passion, nothing that draws our interest, and nothing that makes us want to root for them. And this plotline has sunk back down into banality.

(Maybe Nick could be kidnapped from the hospital by C.R.U.D.E., seeking to harness his inventor's gene! And Dr. Not could seduce him, with the help of Powerful Mind Altering Chemicals! Nick wakes up nude in her bed, befuddled... realizes what he's done... and discovers he likes it! Ki, in the meantime, wanders the streets looking for him, only she runs into pirates! Pirates who kidnap her for a life of adventure on the high seas! And while she dreams of finding Nick once more, she swiftly takes her Geek Wet Dream role to its conclusion by mastering the crew of the ship, taking over, and entering a full on life of Pirate Queen Debauchery! Meanwhile, back at the Oshiro house, Yoshi is bicycling to the UPS store to ship some parts to Trudy when the Velociraptor he's built in the basement suddenly explodes, killing Mr. and Mrs. Oshiro instantly though with maximum pain and suffering. Shocked and horrified, Yoshi ships himself to the drop point, and he and Trudy begin a new life as mastermind and henchman. The explosion causes the Oshiro family car to be blown into a suborbital arc which lands, coincidentially, on GPF's headquarters, where most of the cast is away enjoying the autumn air but where Duncan and the slime molds are having a meeting. They die, and Nicole receives the insurance money, causing her to get together with Fooker, Sharon and Dexter and found a new, leaner company with a 21st Century sensibility. Trent, hearing all this, laughs so hard he slips and falls into an industrial meat grinder. An adorable and hilarious strip shows baby Sydney being given a hot dog, and looking quizzical at the power necktie that's sticking out of one end of it.)

(Or then again, maybe not. Sigh.)


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I think you've been reading a little too much Little Orphan Annie or something.

And what's wrong with reading too much Little Orphan Annie? GPF definitely has hit that point of needing a shakeup.

Personally, I'd have had Nick lay the smack down on daddy Oshiro, but the likely resolution is Nick proposes, Ki says yes and gets disowned. *Yawn*.

Welcome to the "You had me, and you lost me" list Mr. Darlington.

Link broken, or at least not working right for some browsers (it points at http://www.websnark.com/www.gpf-comics.com).

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