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Snarkoleptics are go! Er, sort of.

Well, having confirmed at least five or six people who consider themselves "fans," and having had the name "Snarkoleptics" coined to describe them, I'm pleased to announce we in fact do have both a fandom and a mascot.

Here we have Snarky, first seen as the art for my Comixpedia column "Feeding Snarky," taking a nap alongside the Sunday funnies. This is, and I use these words sparingly if ever, 'teh cute.' Thanks to the power of persuasion (and money, though I kind of had to force it on her), Ursula "Digger" Vernon has created the perfect depiction of our Snarkasaurus... er, napping.

What does this mean?

Well, first off it means we're going to have some light merchandise available. Nothing major -- some tee shirts with catchphrases, a Snarkoleptics coffee mug, thong underwear that says "You had me and you lost me...." that kind of thing.

What? No, seriously, what? Oh. No. Snarky won't be appearing on underwear, damn it. He's a strictly non-underwear kind of mascot.

Secondly, it means Bowling Shirts will happen. Now, those don't count as Merchandise, because I won't make a cent on them. Nor will they be available in any kind of "store." If you're interested in getting a Snarkoleptics bowling shirt, comment on here or send me email at websnark AT gmail DOY com and I'll get numbers together for how much they'll cost apiece.

Thirdly, it means the page has a mascot now. And darn it, it's even cuter than a sniper rifle toting kitten.

God, I love my life.


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Cool... first we get shirts, then we plan a bowling tournament for the next Con.


Cafepress for the basic merchandise, yeah. As for the bowling shirts, those won't be Cafepress. Those will be screened shirts with embroidered names. You know. Bowling shirts, the way God intended.

Just to go on record, I'd like my nom de web on my bowling shirt.

"My name is Mckenzee and I am a Snarkoleptic."

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