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Or maybe it's "Keenspot Founder's day." Who's in charge of days? Well, at least there are no penis jokes.

(From Nukees. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Badmouthing!)

I keep harping on Gav Bleuel's skill at characterization, but we're going to do it one more time, here. There is more character definition in these four panels than you find in a month of most webcomics. First off, we have the surface bits -- the description of King Luca. Second, there is Gav's own character definition -- we see his self-description of not wanting anyone to be happy, and his pleasure at being a scoundrel. This is of course reinforced by his considering "noble-intentioned paragon of virtue" to be badmouthing. Third there is Cindy, who we learn that, despite her own willingness to be devilish, every now and again, is capable of finding Gav's behavior "deplorable," (and she looks horrified in that panel, not amused).

And finally, of course, there's the fact that both Cindy and Gav like banter better than considerations about good and evil at all.

Nicely layered. Also, I've been informed that Nukees is 100% hand-drawn, without even using computers for fills. I'm pleased to be corrected, because like I said, I love that sort of thing. It's apparently the same with Narbonic, so the connection I drew last time remains true. HAH!


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