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On the other hand, this could be an excuse for the strip to move to London....

(From Todd and Penguin. Click on the thumbnail for full sized heartbreak!)

I'm grooving on Todd and Penguin's return from guest stripitis, but today's not one of the strips that makes me groove, I'm afraid. There's a couple of reasons for that. One's the twist, which would have affected me a lot more powerfully if... well, Something Positive hadn't done something on this same riff very recently. As it is, even if it doesn't go the same way, it still feels a little familiar right now. Which is sad, because it's such a different strip in tone.

But that wouldn't be worth a snark, per se. That's just sort of there, and I'm in for the long haul. No, the snark's coming from panel four. I just... um... don't get it. I mean, we know the ring's in his pocket. Is this meaning the ring is suddenly heavy? Painful? Or did it explode into a million spinning pieces?

I dunno. I can tell it's meant to be iconography, but it didn't pull it off.

On the other hand, I'm intensely interested in the next strip now, so....

(I don't think Wright is making a move for a Cerebus Syndrome, though the vision sequence at the end of the accident storyline makes me wonder, a touch. We'll see what happens next. Todd's had the worst day ever, but on the other hand, that could just be comeuppance for spending money on Doctor Bill's books.)


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Yeah, I agonized all week on how to draw that last panel, and could have used another week or two, and still might not have gotten it right. It was MEANT to convey that he left the ring in his pocket (as he was reaching for it in panel 2) and that the ring was buzzing with electricity begging him to give it to Holly. At one point, I was going to draw a circle showing Todd's heart breaking, in addition to the ring, but went against that.

As for Something Positive, now I am going to have to go dig through the archives and hope it's not something like what I have in store. Not that I will change my plans if it is, I'm just hoping it's not. I don't read SP, or any comics regularly (other than soap on a rope) due to time constraints, but SP is a good one. Funny, I like reading about comics more than I like reading some comics, which would explain why I read this blog so often.

Anyway, I won't give away the details of what's to come, but it's been in the works for a while, and I am this close (holds fingers slightly apart, though nobody can see me) to getting the comic where I want it to be.

Then shine on, you Crazy Ninja.

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