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On the other hand, if a girl were wearing that dress in real life, I wouldn't recognize her face then either.

(From Something Positive. Click on the thumbnail for full sized walking sex!)

I like the joke here, I should say. And I like the art. This one worked for me. It wasn't just the setup and delivery, and the little bit of angst that heightened the pleasure -- sort of like salt is supposed to heighten taste, along with slowly killing you off -- was very deftly done. So I enjoyed this one. This needs to be said.

However... I have no idea if the girl Jason brought in to drape off of Davan is supposed to be Claire, or another girl who I've forgotten, or a random girl from Jason's (former) harem, or a prostitute, or who. If Jason had mentioned her name, that'd be cool because then I wouldn't be wondering. Or if it had been more clearly someone from the regular cast....

Well, it hardly matters. The joke works, the strip is good, in all ways I'm satisfied. This is like getting an itch in the back of your brain. The only reason it drives you insane is because there's no good way to scratch it. Though I do know some people who would try.

The worst thing is, I bet it is someone from the regular cast, and I'm the only one who doesn't recognize her. Which means I now look like an idiot. Dance for us, idiot-boy! Dance for our pleasure!


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I'm pretty sure she's some random person, so you aren't the only idiot-boy if she turns out to be.

When I read this strip I literally laughed out loud. It's strips like this that make me a dedicated S*P reader. :D

I vote random prostitute. I don't think a recurring character could call him Davvy with a straight face.

I don't think it's a regular cast member, because we never have trouble identifying them. Plus, Jason had so many disposable women kicking around before Aubrey that it's entirely logical he'd still have a few on hand.

I tried to fit a regular in there, but when the closest I could come up with was a slight similarity in mouth and hair to PeeJee, I also had to conclude it's not someone we've seen before, or if it is, not more than once or twice.

Well, it's established now. One of Aubrey's geektalk phone girls.

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