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No, I haven't been playing City of Heroes today.

(From Wigu. Click on the link for full sized Revelation!)

It was Parent's Weekend at the school I work over the past few days. The students are all off campus right now, so the staff was, quite unexpectedly, given today off. So, I slept in. A nice long sleep in. The kind that makes waking for work tomorrow a hideous concept.

I forgot to turn off my alarm, however, and because I was so foggy and knew I didn't have to get up, I literally couldn't figure out how to make it permanently stop making that noise. So I hit the sleep button about five times. Then, my cat -- who had crawled under the covers -- began licking my leg. It's a sweet gesture and it made me feel all warm inside.

It also hurts. I mean, sandpaper, focusing on one square inch of your leg. It's not comfortable. It woke me to the point that I could remember how to turn the alarm off. I did so, then shifted and closed my eyes, and willed my cat to stop with the tender expression of her love.

Apparently, it worked. I woke up sometime after noon. And here we are now, looking at Wigu.

Paisley's probably my favorite character in the Wigu cast. Less disconnected than her parents, with less basis for her delusions than Wigu, Paisley's own visions are typically based on substance abuse and can lead to unrestrained creativity. Now, she's been declared the Daughter of God in one of those visions. In any other strip, I'd assume it was a delusion. In this one....

Hey, I think maybe a nihilist/goth Messiah who looks good in a corset couldn't possibly hurt.

Okay, maybe 'possibly' is the wrong word.


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