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My Weakness is Shiny Things!

So, I'm not that jazzed about City of Villains. I mean, I love City of Heroes the way any good addict loves his own personal crack, but part of what I love is the idea that we're all, every one of us, out there doing the hero thing. There's no PvP. There's few ways to grief new players. Every move you make in the game is heroic, with the possible exception of using stealth and teleport to make your way to reading obscure plaques in the middle of hellacious city parks so you can earn the "Intellectual" badge. I don't want to compete with others on their level, because I won't be able to. I'm a total PvP wuss. I die a lot -- alot -- when human beings are the ones fighting me instead of A.I.s. And it just kills the fun for me -- oh, here's my brave super hero. Oops! Sniper killed me from far off! I guess the world is doomed, because I'm just a piece of crap! Hah hah!

So. Cryptic just announced Prelimenary terms for the City of Villains Beta.

And my immediate... immediate thought was "oh cool. I'll qualify."

...damn their skillful coding and alluring opportunities....


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Small note: preliminary, not prelimenary.

FWIW, at least as I understand it CoV is going to have a PvE mode--in fact PvE will be what it's about unless you have both CoH and CoV, which will open the opportunity for consensual PvP.

Well, this should at least placate the people who've been complaining loud and long that you had to have a level 50 character to get to play the new Kheldian epic archetype.

Damn, when I saw the title of this Snark I thought you were talking about Scrapland. That game looks wholely and utterly awesome, and I'm even more sure of it now that I've played the demo. Comes out November 1st, reaches my local EB the 2nd. I'll be snatching it up right quick.

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