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Meanwhile, back in commerce territory....

(From Goats. Well, from its store. Which is much the same thing. Click on the thumbnail for a chance to spend money on fabulous automated simian corsairness!)

Remember my ruminations on cliches in webcomics? Well, seriously cool musician E. A. Rowe commented that Goats -- the very webcomic that I was referring to, because of their artistic use of ninjas, themselves made fun of the phenomenon earlier, with the announcement of the Robot Monkey Pirate tee shirt. It was used in a strip as an example of the ridiculous crap that webcomics could get their fans to buy. Needless to say, they then started selling the shirts. And God help me, I want one.

Naturally, a Zombie Ninja with Cleavage tee shirt has to follow, now....


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Although I agree about the crucial role that cleavage plays in webcomics, I have to object to your repeated desire to see monkeys, robots, pirates, ninjas, and/or zombies with cleavage. That is just nasty.

Especially zombies. Ninjas are okay.

First off... I have already attested, loudly, that Monkey/Cleavage convergence has been covered. Period. I beg all of you.

As has Robot Cleavage, Pirate Cleavage, Ninja Cleavage and Monkey Cleavage.

As for Zombie Cleavage... perhaps we could establish that the one sure way to defeat zombies is the presentation of appropriate cleavage. This, to me, would save all of us stabbing our eyes out with sporks.

I feel strangely and unnaturally compelled to point out these strips.

If Priest had stayed on writing Ka-Zar a few years ago, there would have been Giant Talking Monkey Robot Pirates in the Savage Land. Several of us fans talked Priest into it, and he had already figured out how to make it work before getting canned off the title.

I think these strips are relevant. Must be something in the water.

Scary-Go-Round did a very little bit of zombie cleavage too. "Hello, passer-by. Meet my chests".

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