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(From Two Lumps. Click on the thumbnail for full sized MANNA!)

Sometimes, it's the littlest things that take a standard strip for a given webcomic and elevate it to 'SNRK' level. It's an appropriate take to the camera. It's a play on words that's unexpected. It's gratuitous yet pleasurable nudity. You understand.

Well, Two Lumps hit that, today. It was an okay strip, with an okay premise, and an okay resolution....

And then Snooch says "MANNA!"

Guys, I just about died.

I kind of hope that's what the manna from Heaven was, in the desert for all those days, as the Jews made their way to the Promised Land. I mean, a miracle is one thing. It's God. God is supposed to produce miracles like clockwork. Parting large bodies of water. Changing brackish water into Beaujolais extremely Nouveau. Smiting Fabio with a bird on a roller coaster.

But there's something deeply appealing about the idea that God accidentally knocked his Kraft Dinner over and it rained down to the Israelites, sustaining them on their arduous journey. And God looking both ways and saying "no, I meant to do that. Seriously. Uh... behold!"

So, for the rest of the day, I'm going to be suddenly shouting "MANNA!" for no good reason. So, if you're going to get sick of that, you might want to start now and avoid the rush.


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Hmmm...cats are generally lactose intolerant. I wonder if we'll get a lactose reaction strip?

Huh -- my cat certainly isn't. And she'll kill or maim thousands to get herself some cheese.

On the other hand, she never gets much cheese, so...

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