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Jesus. If it's going to be this small a thumbnail, why bother putting it up at all? I could have just linked to his site and been done with it.

(From FLEM Comics. Click on the thumbnail for full sized -- and I mean FULL sized -- CHIN!)

I've been waiting for the perfect FLEM Comics strip to snark, and I've finally decided it's not going to appear. Something audacious, like slicing your hand bit by bit into stew. Or something involving a dog and fucking. Or something that underscores the banality of political figures. Or something that echoes the sheer anarchic brilliance of the Jay Storyline. I dunno. The point of FLEM these days is more "whatever Grant feels like drawing," and maybe that's what a FLEM snark should celebrate. It doesn't have to be Angry Patriot Boy. It just has to be FLEM.

Anyway. I delayed for a long time, because of that, and was content to snark Two Lumps instead. But then this strip came out, and I knew it was time. Because it was about... the Kerry Chin.

There is something glorious about a powerful chin. And Kerry's Chin is, as Grant implies, Epic. This strip reminds me, in a way, of Douglas Michael's The Elvis Mandible, which taught us that there is something cosmic in a truly powerful jawbone.

Elsewhere, Grant challenged FLEM readers to write a poem about Kerry's Chin. My entry was a haiku:

In autumnal night,
I need something to follow.
Kerry Mandible

This represents my first successful use of the word 'mandible' in a poem. And that's worth something, isn't it?


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Sorry, dude -- speaking as a Canadian, that's barely even a jawline, much less a chin. Up here, we know from chin. :)

AAAAHHHH! Mulroney! Mulroooooney!!!!

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