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It's the pose in the last panel that makes the whole thing.

(From Casey and Andy. Click on the thumbnail for full sized dramatic poses!)

Two things.

First off, as a big fan of Irregular Webcomic, I enjoyed seeing this take on them (though it would have been better as a Lego comic with Andy's scowling head appearing in one of the frames).

Second off, Casey looks totally wrong without his hair tapering to a point.

Third off (of two), next time, I expect to see Mary and Jenn. I can accept not seeing Satan. But Mary and Jenn should be a part of the wackiness.


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First off, Jenn lives very far away from us these days, and is generally unavailable for photographs.

Second, this was a Saint Smithens celebration, and Mary is not really a follower of Old Hogg.

And finally, regardless of your philosophical views on the subject, you are still reading Casey and Andy. Andy will draw and publish whichever gag meanders into his fevered brain, and this one came to us on rather short notice... and through a rather low-quality lens.

(Don't buy the Sony T616! The camera stinks, and nobody makes software for it!)

(Oh, and I hope your guts feel better soon. Empathy is copiously available.)

First off... good answer. Unless you have an exceptionally good lens.

Second... another good answer. Crap, I suck at debate.

And third... my philosophical views, $4.95 and a copy of my birth certificate might get me a cup of coffee at a trendy overpriced place. I expect Andy to give them all the care and consideration they deserve -- which is to say none at all. But that doesn't change the fact that I would have liked to see more castmembers in the strip. Nor does it change the fact that this strip was still damn cool.

So, in conclusion....


Go Sox, I guess.

I believe!

(Actually, I don't. What little I watch of baseball tells me they will gain a five-run lead, and blow it all in the ninth.)

(Or is that the Giants? Sorry.)

Saint Smithens

Lesson: When previewing your comment, take the extra step and check links. ;)

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