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It's like a Chucky for the twenty-first century!

(From Yirmumah! Click on the thumbnail for full sized (in)action figure!)

Yirmumah! is a strip that still feels Freshman/Sophomorish, like it's finding its voice and its way. And yet, there's this bubbling cauldron of talent under the surface. As it goes forward and refines, it's going to go places.

How do I know? Because of strips like today's. While it's still riding the Metahumor train (it's not easy to do a comic strip about doing the very comic strip you're reading -- one reason why Checkerboard Nightmare's not on my trawl these days) something like a merchandising strip can ride that train for a few stops pretty nicely. And there's just something about a talking doll that drives its owners to a morass of despair and homelessness that's just plain fun.

So, Coffman and McDeavett share themselves a biscuit. A tasty, tasty biscuit.

Yes, they share one between the two of them. Look, I'm not made of biscuits, here.


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