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It's like a brush with celebrity, only the celebrity doesn't know it. So it's more like stalking, really

So, today seems to be the day I'm trawling through Schlock Mercenary (early prognosis: "good"), which means I'm not typing in here enough. But I surface and check my feeds every now and again, and came across this post from Wil Wheaton's log.

It's weird, but I get all excited when I see famous examples of the name "Burns." I don't know why. It's not like we don't have some fame associated with the name. I mean, outside of America where our public schools are considered progressive if they have poetry that doesn't rhyme for one tenth of one quarter, Robert Burns is revered as one of the great poets the world over. And of course, Montgomery Burns extols all the virtues we of Sept Burns (Burns is a minor family, or Sept, in Scotland -- officially under Clan Campbell, which means we're all a pack of scalawags and thieves. We're also more common there than "Smiths" are in America) claim as our own.

So, I'm weirdly tickled pink that Wheaton is playing "Richard Burns" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. For no good reason at all. But heck, I'll buy a copy of the game now, so mission accomplished, I guess.

(And if anyone wonders if I feel the same kinship towards the Fox News Apologist who happens to share my natal as well as surname? I decided long ago that he was actually born Erich Berstanpeniswang, and had to change his name for television. And until I see a birth certificate, I'm sticking with that story.

Berstanpeniswang. It's Monacoian, I think.)


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Oh, and George Burns, of course. Who was originally Nathan Birnbaum, but we're willing to brevet him in. I mean, we're willing to brevet Wil Wheaton for just playing a Burns.

However, we do not extend that privilege automatically. Sorry, Mr. Berstanpeniswang. But hey. It's nothing personal. Honestly. Take my word for it.

had to change his name for television.

funniest thing i've read all day. if "Berstanpeniswang" isn't a real name, it should be. it almost reminds a guy running for state rep in maine by the name of Chan Woodcock, only much much better...

Richard Burns is also the name of the 2001 world rally champion, who's currently recovering from a brain tumur. He also has a series of rally games in his name. I did wonder when I saw the Wheaton post if they were aware of this when they came up with the name for a traffic reporter.

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