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It's Chris Crosby day on Websnark, clearly! And penis reference day. I don't pretend these two things are related.

(From Sore Thumbs. Click on the thumbnail for full sized flabbiness!)

I don't know why there's a plethora of penis jokes on today's webcomics, but they're there. And hey, we have another example of Chris Crosby going way beyond broke! This time, of course, it's Sore Thumbs instead of Superosity, which remains a webcomic that people are polarized about. For the life of me, I don't know why. I can accept not liking Sore Thumbs, as it's the kind of comic people either will or won't like. But being upset by it? It's no more about politics or video games as Jackson Pollack's paintings were about perspective.

In a way, it's about the same kind of thoroughly unpleasant, yet oddly endearing people who populate Superosity. I wouldn't want Fairbanks, Cecania or Harmony anywhere near me (Sawyer is a decent fellow, though I expect I'd get sick of him awfully fast), yet I kind of like all of them. Yeah, even Fairbanks. There isn't a one of them with a well thought out opinion on anything, but it's fun when they do well. This is why Rondel needs to be so thoroughly rotten -- otherwise, we'd have no reason to root against him. (In fact, it might be interesting to have a third game store open up -- this one run by an absolute saint, just for the dissonance.)

The appeal of this strip and the strip before -- which featured such charming terms as 'dick slot' and 'funbags' (And 'potatoes,' but that's neither here nor there) -- was in the thought balloons of their respective last panels. Something about both Sawyer -- who recognizes he has a... deficiency -- and Rondel -- who's compensating for a perceived one -- having such introspective thoughts during their posturing just hits me right. Today's punchline in particular appeals. It reminds me of a Futurama-esque style of humor, where someone makes a traditional speech ranting about destroying all humans, only to have an incidental character next to him turn and say "now, that's just hurtful, Bob."

Anyway. It's a good day to be Chris Crosby, I'd say.


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Don't look at me- I hate Chris Crosby's stuff.

I tried Sore Thumbs for the first month, I tried really hard, but the only appeal for me was the boobs... and quite frankly, boobs are not enough, even for -me.-

Not that anyone will believe me when I say that.

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