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I need HELP! Er, from people with big brains!

Hi all!

In preparation for Nanowrimo, I find myself needing a few questions answered. Specifically, a few questions on high energy physics. I immediately thought of Winchell Chung, but I have no idea if this is his field or not. However, there are some engineering considerations involved as well. Just for the record.

So, if you're a physicist with some understanding of engineering or an engineer with a good grounding in physics... and in either case have some understanding of tremendously powerful explosions... I'd like to talk to you. You could potentially receive a wonderful... and completely worthless... acknowledgment in the book... as well as alcohol I'll gladly buy for you if we ever find ourselves in such a position.

(Extremely powerful explosions. Physics. Engineering. Alcohol. Why do I expect Casey Grimm and/or Andy Weir and/or Gav Bleuel to comedically appear?)


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Well, I know enough about both to be considered slightly dangerous. Feel free to ask if you like, and I'll give it the old college try.

Likewise. Do you specifically mean high energy physics (HEP), which probes atomic interiors, or just physics involving a lot of energy, like explosions?

Mr. Bankert -- I have known you so long, so well, and in so many different ways, I sometimes forget that one of my closest friends is also a rocket scientist. ;)

Dvan -- you I remember are one, but again, you never think of your friends with degrees in these circumstance.

The password is "antimatter." I'll send you both e-mail, and you can either tell me what I need to know, more or less, or tell me to check with other folks. :)

Actually, if you're dealing with the theoretical applications and methodology of antimatter, Andy's father might be an excellent resource. He throws subatomic particles around for a living.

You're attempting NaNo2k4? Cool beans. I'm taking a swing at it with a Firefly-influenced ensemble space opera called _The Sky Pirate_. I'm hoping for lots of good, pulpy fun.

Heh heh. Ironically, even though I check this site only about once a week, I happened to drop by a few minutes after you posted this. As in, "POOF!" Gav Bleuel appeared!

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 6 wasn't letting me login. Must be that whole third-party cookie problem. It was the only browser I had at the time. Now that I'm on a machine with Mozilla almost 24 hours later, it's less than satisfying to reply. *sigh*

Well, I'll still help out if you need it. Go ahead and fling me an email. Put [WEBSNARK] in the subject line or something so I'll notice it amongst the mountains of spam I delete every day.

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