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I call it. I make this declaration. It is my RIGHT!

Okay, so I'm surfing around, following links from Ping Teo's Webcomic Finds, because I can. It's a free Internet, damn it, and I'm enjoying watching Ping shunpiking around the ol' Web. And so I go to a site she panned, called Gigawhut? (the question mark is theirs, not mine). And on the whole I agree with Ping's assessment of the strip. But there's one thing that sparks to mind, based on the first strip in the archives, helpfully recreated below (click on the thumbnail for full size, as always):

Okay. This is it. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL MORATORIUM BEING CALLED! I am calling it on the basis of the fact that I have a lot of ego and a website, and can you contest either of those facts? No you can't. So do this.

From this date forward, no webcomics character can be named Ash, unless said character is a non-talking pet. I saw Evil Dead and its sequels too, gang. I loved them too. But you're too. Damn. Late. Misfile beat you. Super Magical Transformer Patty beat you. Hell, Weebl and Bob beat you! And that's not counting the several million references to different anime, the movies, or chicks named Ashley out there.

It's been done. If the girl's name is Ashley, let her friends call her "Ashley," "Shelly," "Ley," or "Bitch." If it's a guy we're talking about, name him Bruce instead. Or Campbell. But not Ash. We'll let you know when you can use it again.

As a side note, my gigantic and powerful friend Frank had a cat named Ash, who was a good cat. He was so named because he was a white haired cat with a single grey smudge on his forehead, so Frank decided he was celebrating Ash Wednesday. If you have a story like that for your character, we'll let it go with a warning.


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How about an entire story setting called ASH? :) (Of course, I beat the moritorium by, um, a decade, so I'm not worried.)

Poor Ash Young! (The Webcomic List guy)

Glad you found the blog interesting, although I think the guy who does Gigawhut didn't take the review too well.

Well... at least he's getting A LOT of traffic he wouldn't get otherwise.

Dvan -- there's also a webcomic called ASH -- stands for Alliance Super Heroes or something similar ;) It's everywhere. But yeah, everyone from Bruce Campbell himself straight through Gigawhut? gets a grandfather clause on it.

Phalanx -- Hey, Ash Young should have made a different choice when he was a newborn baby some time ago!

And as for the author... yeah. I didn't actually discuss the merits of Gigawhut! above (though it probably didn't make him any happier), but I've had to be negative before. But not only was your review fair, but it also wasn't unreasonable. He can take what you've said and build on it, if he chooses, and move towards more distinctive art.

Though it may take time. There's nothing wrong with being derivative. Hell, everyone is. But you have to be prepared for people to react to it.

There are days I wish I could just write about the stuff I love here, but that's not who I am. And yours is an actual journey from one site to the next, giving impressions and reviews. It's gonna be hard, sometimes. But you're doing great with it.

I think there's also a kangaroo named Ash in Sink or Swim.

I also call a moratorium on redrawing the characters from "Penny Arcade" with different hairdos.

I'm sorry. That was mean.

Shaenon -- you know how PvP and Penny-Arcade has had this friendly rivalry going for... well, ever?

Clearly, it's sublimation. We now have seen their love child.

PvP and Penny Arcade have a LOT of love children on the Internet. Truly, their passion cannot be contained, and they need to start wearing protection.

And let's not get started on the wayward progeny of Mac Hall and Megatokyo...

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