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Hey, a good investment is a good investment.

From Bob the Angry Flower. Click on the thumbnail to see full sized Genocide!)

Yeah, it's eight o'clock at night and this is my first snark of the day. I went to a movie! Why shouldn't I? You're not the boss of me! I hate you! I'm gonna wear what I want to! All the other kids do it! Don't come in my room, damn it!

First off... I still hate The Twenty.

Second off... I finally, way way late, saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. My God that was a good movie! It was absolutely perfect! The robots! The robots! And ornithopters! And the Mechanical Menace Superman once fought in the forties! And ray guns! And a cameo from a dead actor! And a plucky reporter!

Sorry. I was frothing for a moment. If you haven't seen this, your life is much sadder than mine. If you don't want to see it, I respect that, though I will light a candle for you.

So. Third off. Bob the Angry Flower.

I fucking. Love. Bob the Angry Flower. I was introduced to Bob a long time back, with Bob's Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, Idiots. Which is now a poster. Which I'm going to buy and put on my office door, until I'm told to take it down. From there, I immersed myself into the frenetic world of the angriest, and funniest, of all perennials. I love the dark humor, the joyful, if inappropriate, abandon Bob takes to projects, and the clean pen and ink work.

This is a perfectly good example of the Bobish Oeuvre. A mundane situation. Bob becoming suspicious. Bob uncovering a completely hideous thing. Bob loving it all the more. And then the line "I want one! I want this one!"

I love it. Stephen Notley gets a biscuit. A tasty, tasty biscuit.


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At least The Twenty takes place before the movie's scheduled to start. It's better than the places that wait until showtime to start showing all the ads.

oh god, i hate the twenty too. fortunately there arent many theaters near me that show it. and i can usually avoid the ones that do.

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