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(From General Protection Fault. Click on the thumbnail for full sized every fourteen year old het boy's dream!)

So we endured the end of the whole Nick thing. We watched the sitcom end exactly the way the sitcoms always end -- in minute 27 (counting commercials), there's a speech given by one of the leads, and then the lifelong racist sees the error of his ways. We just need the humorous tagline. It almost killed me. Killed me.

But now... now... it's Yoshi. And he's got a mystery... and he went into his room, and there's Trudy! Trudy! Trudy has come and she's bringing plot and character development! And we'll focus on them for a while! We will! We will we will we will!

(God, if this plotline sucks, we're in trouble.)


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Well, that plotline was ridiculously anti-climactic.

What's a het boy?

Yup. Everything got wrapped up in time for the next episode.

A het boy is a heterosexual adolescent male. Having been one myself once, I can attest that discovering a leather clad girl sitting on my bed one day would have been like discovering oil in the backyard.

I basically signed up to post on websnark specifically to rant about this story arc. I previously posted Mr. Oshiro didn't act like any conciveable Japanese American. Intterestingly, in respose to these sorts of complaints, the author of GPF posted the following on his site:

"A number of people have commented that Ki's dad has been a bit "over the top," that his actions have been hypocritical or that he's acting like a bad stereotype. All I'll say for now is that (a) his actions are intentional for the story, (b) some elements are being left open to interpretation, and (c) the story isn't even half over, so please be patient."

So, I waited to figure out what reason he could possibly have for such a miserable characterization. The arc appears to be mostly over and I SURE haven't figured it out, except that Mr. Oshiro is a 0-dimensional character. Have you every seen anyone admit they were wrong so readily in an argument? Let alone an extremely traditional japanese confusist in an argument with his DAUGHTER? What the %^#$@?

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