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Gearing up for a month of writing! Which... in my life is like every other month.

I'm registered for National Novel Writing Month, which is a concerted effort to write a 50,000 word novel (yes, that's a novel. A novel is a form of multifaceted dimension, whereas a short story typically sets a usual, introduces an unusual element, and then explores the ramifications of the unusual element. This is why Heart of Darkness is a novel but Catcher in the Rye is a book length short story. According to my father, who has a degree in these things and is called Doctor. And you don't go dissing my father. Not on my blog you don't) between November 1 and November 30. I've thought about it in years past, and this year it's a go.

That's about 1,667 words a day, which honestly isn't tough. I mean, since mid-August, I've written well over 120,000 words here on Websnark. Sure, it's not the same thing, but my point is I can nail out a few pages a day without too much trouble.

If folks want, I'll post excerpts here on the 'Snark, so that my Nanowrimo experience intertwines with my Websnark experience. (The individual chapters are going to go on a password protected writing page I've maintained for a while -- password protected so search engines can't stalk it and so that folks later on can't claim I've already published stuff I want to be paid filthy lucre for. I'm always willing to let people read it if they ask. For, you know, the record.)

Anyway. That's my working plan.

Now, I need a nanowrimo icon... one that doesn't feature a happy bunny typing. Frankly, if said happy bunny isn't chainsmoking in front of a beat up underwood, it's not a novel writing icon I can get behind -- and I don't even smoke. Time for photoshop. Well, between now and Halloween....


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Personally, I'm interested in reading the novel - your writing style is 3/4 of the reason I read this blog. Well, assuming the biting sarcasm is a function of your writing style. Which I do.

So, y'know, if you want to give out the password & such, that's cool. Otherwise, I'm in favor of the excerpts.

I've been thinking about doing NaNoWriMo myself, but I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up the pace (heck, 20,000 words over two months was a stretch for me) - besides which, I may actually have other projects in store.

The question regarding the icon is, I think, "will you be using an Underwood?".

Any hint on a topic/style/genre/subgenre/etc?

If someone wants the password, e-mail me at websnark AT gmail DOT com [NOTE: I edited it, because it said "websnart" before, which means I'm really, really tired.] and I'll send you the convenient info-kit. Please for not to pass it around, though. You know, on general principle.

EDG -- Underwood is a state of mind.

Dvan -- well, hm. It's called Pride of the Endeavor, and is actually the third projected novel in a series of four, though clearly I'm going to write them out of order. The other novels are, respectively, Daughter of the Endeavor, Officer of the Endeavor and Captain of the Endeavor. It's Fantasy, but in space. Inside of wooden starships. With some gender role inversion. Only in the vein of Horatio Hornblower.

Look, it's Nanowrimo. It has to be 50,000 words. It doesn't have to be good.

Eric, I assume that address is "websnark" and not "websnart"?

And yeah, I suppose it is.

Er... yes.

Though admittedly, websnart is itself pretty funny.

(I'm going to edit the comment to correct that. ;) )

so, Treasure Planet in epic form, then? ;-)

My respect goes out to you. 50,000 words in a month is not something I think I could ever commit to. Good luck!

Oh, wow! You're finally going to write those? Count me so in... :)

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