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Four minutes to midnight, and I'm just saying "hi?"

I have four minutes to post something and maintain my streak of posting something in this every day since the day I started it.

I haven't even read a webcomic today.

What have I done?

Well, let's just say this. Whoever thought it would be cute and funny to have giant ROCK CREATURES move FASTER THAN ANY OF US HEROES and maintain an idea of where you are after you teleport TWO HUNDRED YARDS to get away from them and then KILL YOU WITH GIANT ROCK HANDS needs to be shot.

Oh, and teleport self is the coolest power ever.


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So in other words, you played City of Heroes all day instead of bringing us the funny? Thanks alot Eric. Tsk, tsk, tsk. j/k

Now now, I...


Actually, that's almost exactly right, now that I think about it.

As a medic on virtue all I can say is Hollows is an evil, evil place and that the gateway levels are hell in a hand basket.

Yes, Teleport Self is teh r0xx0r. Between Personal Force Field, Teleport Self, and Teleport Friend, you are a one-man transport machine. I used that combo an insane amount during the 7-hour Positron taskforce.

And then I spent most of my time blowing bubbles.

My first experience with The Hollows was attempting to run across it in order to aid a fellow hero. I was somewhat surprised when the road suddenly dropped 40 feet, then incredibly shocked when - as I was still attempting to process this unexpected vertical paradox - I fell into a much, much deeper crevasse and was promptly defeated by an enemy I never even saw. As a result, I've adopted the following motto: The shortest distance between two points is often a bad idea.

Hi, by the way. Love the site. Your comments regarding GPF and MegaTokyo express my own feelings toward those strips quite well.

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